General Hospital

Since 1963, the titular hospital in Port Charles, NY, has been the cornerstone for the adventures, medical dramas and romantic intrigue of doctors and mobsters alike.

New Gig For GH’s Matt Cohen
Matt Cohen (Griffin, GH) has booked a recurring role on the upcoming season of the CBS drama CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS, playing Ryan, the son of Gary Sinise’s Jack, TVLine reports. The show’s EP, Adam Glass, worked with Cohen on …
Kimberly McCullough
Kimberly McCullough Fundraiser for "Creve Coeur, MO" Indiegugo Campaign
The Bistro Garden
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Kimberly McCullough Opens Up About Brush With Cult
In her latest blog, GH alum Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin) opens up about her experience as “the prime target of a Christian cult” when she was a student at NYU. When they attempted to stop her from visiting her family for …

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Leslie Charleson, Michael Easton
GH Preview: The Hospital Killer Is Revealed!
Next week, the identity of the mysterious someone offering hospital patients lethal injections of Derisifol will be revealed on GH. Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman says that in picking the killer, “We wanted it to be someone who matters to the …
Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom Dish Their GH Pairing
In the issue of Soap Opera Digest on sale tomorrow, we’ve got Genie Francis (Laura) and Jon Lindstrom’s (Kevin) first joint interview, and the vets dish their reaction to their surprise on-screen pairing and its immediate success. “I thought those …


Wally Kurth
Wally Kurth Returning To GH
Ned (and his portrayer, Wally Kurth, who also plays DAYS’s Justin) has been absent from the GH canvas since the conclusion of Tracy’s worm-in-the-brain crisis, but that will change soon. “I’ll be back on GH in September,” he tells Digest. …
Bradford Anderson
Bradford Anderson Returns To GH!
Spinelli will be making another appearance in Port Charles; he will first air on September 2. “It’s always fun to get that call because I do really like being there,” says the actor, who has made multiple trips back …
Emme Rylan
GH’s Emme Rylan: Injury Update
Emme Rylan (Lulu, GH) provided Twitter updates on her recent injury (a broken nose). The injury occurred, she reported, when “my son [Levi] was running to jump on a cushion I was on & I sat up just as he …
Emme Rylan
Real-Life Injury For GH’s Emme Rylan
Emme Rylan (Lulu, GH) announced on Twitter that she broke her nose during a play session with her sons, Jackson and Levi. “So it finally happened.. The price of playing outside with my boys.. They broke my nose. #mylifewithboys
Roger Howarth, Michelle Stafford
"General Hospital" Set
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Episode # 13315
U.S. Airdate 05/29/15
GH Preview: Franco Reconnects With Nina
Next week on GH, Franco and Nina share scenes for the first time since she angrily solidified their breakup after finding out that he’d been keeping company with Liz. Together at the loft they once shared, “They fall into …
GH Enemies Dish Their Real-Life Friendship
Rebecca Budig (Hayden) and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) have been at each other’s throats on GH for a good while now, but in real life, the ladies have a warm friendship that stretches back over 15 years. “But when I really …
Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom
GH Preview: Laura and Kevin’s First Date
Next week on GH, Genie Francis’s Laura and Jon Lindstrom’s Kevin go on their official first date. “Laura is nervous!” reports Francis. Lindstrom notes that Kevin can’t help but fear getting hurt again. “It feels wonderful to fall in love …
Soap Alums In Lifetime Movie
Ted King (ex-Tomas, ONE LIFE TO LIVE et al) and Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) headline UNWANTED GUEST, premiering Saturday, August 27 at 8 p.m.  Mansi plays Amy, a college student who insinuates herself into the lives of …
Tristan Rogers
Tristan Rogers Returns To GH!
It will be double duty for Tristan Rogers when he returns to GH on August 26, two days after his Y&R alter, Colin, is spotted in Genoa City. “I had no idea this was on the map,” the actor says. …
Bree Williams, Matt Cohen
GH Preview: Griffin Wants To Come Clean
Next week on GH, Griffin decides he has had enough of keeping mum to Nathan and Maxie about his past with Claudette. “I think he’s seeking the freedom of getting it off his chest and moving on,” reasons Griffin’s …
GH Preview: Sam Tells Jason, “I’m Pregnant!”
“JaSam” fans will have much to celebrate next week on GH — provided mom-to-be Sam’s malaria tests come back with a negative result. Sam has been hesitant to share news of her pregnancy with Jason “because she doesn’t want to …
Chloe Lanier
Meet GH’s Chloe Lanier
Chloe Lanier, who made a splash as Young Pat in GH’s Emmy-winning anniversary episode in 2015, is now comfortably settling into her new Port Charles alter ego, Nelle. “She is more modern than the other one,” Lanier teases. “Nelle actually …
Ingo Rademacher
California Whirl: Ingo Rademacher Dishes His Short-Term Comeback To GH
California Whirl: Ingo Rademacher Dishes His Short-Term Comeback To GH
SURF’S UP! A look at soap lovebirds who’ve frolicked in the sun and sand
Rick Hearst
GH’s Hearst Lands New Role
Rick Hearst (Ric, GH) will be joining the cast of SINS as FBI Agent Jack Bellows. The actor announced the news on his Instagram page, “Very excited to be joining the cast of a new suspense crime series called ‘SINS’ …
Tuesday Fast Five with Chad Duell
Chad Duell (Michael, GH) answers Digest’s five burning questions! What is the oddest compliment you’ve ever received? “It’s always strange for me when people say ‘You look like my son.’ “ What’s your favorite aisle in the supermarket? “The crackers …