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General Hospital Preview: Carly’s Confession To John

laura wright and adam harrington on general hospital.


Carly explains to John just how much her friendship with Jason means to her.

On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Carly opens up to John — of all people — about why she allowed Jason to gift her a share of the Metro Court Hotel when she previously refused to accept the same from Sonny or Michael.

“John comes to Carly and asks, ‘Why did you take the hotel from Jason?’” says Laura Wright (Carly). “And she’s like, ‘I didn’t accept it for me; I accepted it for him. It’s killing him that he can’t change the fact that he wasn’t here. He can’t make up for anything, but he can give me back my hotel.’ ”

And Carly would do it all over again in a heartbeat, adds Wright. “She would do anything for Jason, and she knows when she’s fighting a losing battle,” notes the actress (read Wright’s earlier interview about Carly and Jason here). “It was important to him to fix this for her.”

Wright adds that as happy as her alter ego is to again be part owner of the hotel, it surprised Carly to hear from Nina that Ava had much to do with it. And Carly gave Nina a surprise in return. “She wants to shine, right? I mean, Carly’s human, she wants to be like, ‘Not only am I back, I’m better,’ ” says Wright with a laugh. “But after Carly found out that Ava was the one who guided Nina into selling it to Jason, she said [to Nina], ‘Ava stood right there and heard Sonny hate on Jason. So, there was no reason for her to think that this was going to work out for you.’ So that was kind of a big deal.”

As the week goes on, look for Carly’s concern over Sonny’s irrational behavior of late — and his current roommate — to grow. “She doesn’t trust Ava for a moment,” Wright points out. “All the questions that anybody would have, we hit on them. I’m excited.”