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Jan 4, 2006   SOD

Jerry verDorn (Clint, OLTL) was so happy to talk to us about his arrival in Llanview that we couldn't fit it all into the 1/17 issue of Digest. Here is some of what you won't didn't read in the...

Jan 4, 2006   SOD

We couldn't help but notice that on ATWT recently, Paul's
fate was eerily similar to what once happened to OLTL's Todd
(who not-so-coincidentally was also played by Roger Howarth).......

Dec 29, 2005   SOD

If you think ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Paul Satterfield is maddeningly mysterious as Dr. Spencer Truman, see how enigmatic he gets in this Q&A about Spencer's murderous ways.

Dec 29, 2005   SOD

In this Q&A, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Jackie Zeman explains why she's still Jessie's...er, Noah's girl, and why Carly will always be Bobbie's baby — no matter what.

Dec 28, 2005   SOD

Watch out, fans — Debra Jo Rupp takes time away from her gig on THAT '70s SHOW to pop into Pine Valley as an insane drunk this week on ALL MY CHILDREN.

Dec 23, 2005   SOD

Robin Strasser (Dorian, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Hecuba, PASSIONS et al) has
never been big on self-censorship. Take a look at the candor she's
exhibited over the past decade of Digest...

Dec 15, 2005   SOD

Since GENERAL HOSPITAL's newest hire Patrick Drake exhibits the symptoms of a classic Dr. Feelgood, he might want to study the cases of a few memorable GH medicos who started out with great...

Dec 13, 2005   SOD

Considering Rex's role as a comic foil for many of OLTL's more serious residents, John-Paul Lavoisier's silly side is no surprise, but what some may find surprising is that his on-screen interest...

Dec 12, 2005   SOD

She started out as Belle's best friend and quirky sidekick, but over the years Mimi, played by Farah Fath, has become one of DAYS OF OUR LIVES' most beloved young leading ladies. Here are Fath's...

Dec 2, 2005   SOD

Christie Clark (Carrie, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) has always been in tip-top physical shape, but these days she's a lot rougher, tougher and stronger than even she used to be — thanks to her...

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