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DAYS Preview: Abigail Klein Dishes Everett's 180 Personality Flip

Blake Berris, Abigail Klein


Abigail Klein (Stephanie) discusses her scenes with Blake Berris’s Everett.

Stephanie delivers the news Jada’s been waiting to hear when she tells her Everett signed their divorce papers. “Stephanie witnessed him signing them, so she’s elated,” says Abigail Klein (Stephanie). “She feels like, OK, this is a huge step to get us back on track, whatever that looks like. It’s completely closing that door [to his past], and she just feels like this is a big step forward.”

A step forward for all of them. “This is closure for Jada too, and Stephanie wants that for her friend,” explains Klein. “Jada has been going through it with this guy. And, of course, Stephanie doesn’t even know the half of it. She doesn’t really know their full relationship, but she does know that Jada needs to heal and that Everett coming back opened these old wounds. So for Stephanie, she’s telling Jada in hopes that she will have closure and finally have complete healing from this.

“It’s not like Stephanie is thinking about getting another double date on the books by any means,” adds Klein with a chuckle, referring to Stephanie and Everett and Jada and Rafe. “But she is hopeful that she and Jada can reconcile whatever differences they may have about the situation and come together on the fact that Jada is free from this man and that he is taking steps to do the right thing.”

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to both ladies, Everett has tossed the divorce papers in the trash. Afterward, he arrives at the pub and has an awkward encounter with both Jada and Stephanie.

“When Everett runs into them, he doesn’t have the papers on him,” notes Klein. “[Jada] is looking for the papers in hand. So she’s like, ‘Well, where are they?’ And Stephanie is feeling a little dismissed by Everett. There’s a moment where Stephanie notices that he’s acting a little different with Jada and then totally distant with her. So she’s [wondering], ‘Hey, what’s going on here?’ ”

Later, Stephanie confronts Everett about his attitude and the divorce papers. “She addresses that she felt that he was distant and wants to get to the bottom of why. She wants to know what’s going on,” recounts Klein, noting that Everett not having the papers with him “raised some questions. Did he just forget them? Is there something more that they should know about?”

Yet, instead of getting answers, Everett is short with her and takes off. “Stephanie notices that he kind of flips and does a 180 with her,” reveals Klein. “She finds that unsettling and is confused. Up until this day, she has been supportive of him, and he has been so vulnerable with her and has tried to keep their relationship, whatever it is, afloat. Stephanie really wants to be a team with Everett, help him get better, and figure out therapy. She wants him to sign the divorce papers and move on with his life. She has been the ultimate support system for him. So when he flips and does this 180, all of a sudden she’s taken aback and it definitely leaves her with more questions.”