Oct 30, 2014   bbeckley

Today marks Alison Sweeney’s last day as DAYS’s Sami.  

Jul 17, 2014   Beth Wasko

Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe) made her red carpet debut with new beau, Grant Turnbull, last night at Evander Holyfield's ESPYs Party.

Jul 8, 2014

Shawn Christian (Daniel, DAYS) has cast Eric Roberts (ex-Vance, Y&R) in his latest project, SPANNERS.

May 27, 2014   Beth Wasko

May 23 marked Alison Sweeney's (Sami, DAYS) last day taping in Salem.

Apr 26, 2011

Since February 2011, Galen Gering has had a blast playing Rafe's double on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Meanwhile, the original Rafe has only made a few brief appearances on the soap. In March...

Apr 19, 2011

DAYS OF OUR LIVES's Eric Martsolf (Brady) gets to play superhero by night when he guests on the April 22 episode of SMALLVILLE. "I'm portraying Booster Gold, who is a glory-...

Apr 12, 2011

Now that I've written a book, I feel like Erica Kane trying to stay married. It's hard! Most difficult for me was explaining why soaps matter. I mean, how do people not know that? Most...

Apr 4, 2011   Leeann Cannon

CBS has confirmed that the Tiffany Network will indeed broadcast the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards live on Sunday, June 19 at the Las Vegas Hilton. In a statement, David McKenzie,...

Apr 4, 2011   Leeann Cannon

Drake Hogestyn (ex-John, DAYS), who is appearing in Judgment at Nurenberg at the Santa Monica Playhouse in CA, is curiously sporting a black eye. Digest...

Apr 4, 2011   Leeann Cannon

Soap Opera Digest has learned that Bren Foster has been hired to play the new role of Quinn ("Fletcher" in the breakdowns). The actor, who was born in London and raised...

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