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Sep 9, 2005   SOD

Trevor St. John (Todd) has landed a starring role in the Oscar Wilde comedic play An Ideal Husband, playing at The American Theatre of Actors in New York. St. John took time out from his very busy...

Sep 8, 2005   SOD

ONE LIFE TO LIVE fans and cast members were out in force at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York Aug. 20 for the annual Fan Club Luncheon, and behind the scenes, it was apparent that some...

Sep 8, 2005   SOD

ALL MY CHILDREN was on hiatus the week of Aug. 29, so many Pine Valley denizens took the opportunity to get out of New York. Here is the dish on who went where, who did what and who stayed put for...

Sep 8, 2005   SOD

Boys will be boys, even when they're grown-up daytime faves. When THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Justin Torkildsen and Winsor Harmon (Rick and Thorne) need to let off steam, they hit the racetrack...

Sep 7, 2005   SOD

Dr. Craig Wesley sings a special song to a special couple on DAYS OF OUR LIVES Sept. 12, called "The Sweetest of Nights and the Finest of Days." Kevin Spirtas, who portrays Craig, so loved the...

Sep 6, 2005   SOD

GENERAL HOSPITAL's M'fundo Morrison (Justus) tees off on practicing law in Port Charles, good causes, being a golf junkie — and punctuation.

Aug 29, 2005   SOD

As an actress, daytime fans have seen her over the years as Y&R's Julia, SB's Megan and SEARCH FOR TOMORROW's Liza. As a scribe, she's penned GH, SUNSET BEACH, SB, Y&R and B&B. Now,...

Aug 29, 2005   SOD

Rick Forrester was last seen briefly in April, when he came back from Milan for Bridget's wedding-that-never-happened. We talked with his portrayer, Justin Torkildsen, at B&B's fan club event...

Aug 25, 2005   SOD

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Rebecca Herbst and Greg Vaughan prove that the third time's a charm for Lucky and Elizabeth in these comments we just could not fit into their Aug. 30 Weekly print interview.

Aug 23, 2005   SOD

According to this Soap Opera Weekly archival feature, preacher's daughter Alicia Minshew had her prayers answered when ALL MY CHILDREN came calling.

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