Why Everybody Loves Tracey E. Bregman


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In honor of Tracey E. Bregman’s 35th anniversary of playing Y&R’s Lauren Fenmore Baldwin, her co-stars, present and past, share what makes this actress so great.


Beth Maitland (Traci)
“The first day Tracey showed up on the job as my ‘archrival’, it was love at first sight. It began a decades long friendship that weathered boyfriends, husbands, babies, dogs, horses and everything in between. Tracey is one of the things I love most from my time at Y&R, and I will always, always be grateful for this treasure of a woman!”

Kimberlin Brown (Sheila, B&B/Y&R)
“Working with Tracey was the beginning of a storyline no one could ever have predicted. The dynamics between Lauren and Sheila were born of hard work and trust. Tracey was, and is, a master of her character! The nuances she brings to her work keep the audience coming back for more. We had an amazing run together that I will always cherish.”

Bryton James (Devon)
“It’s been an absolute privilege of mine to be able to share the stage and learn from the fantastic Tracey Bregman during some of her incredible 35 years on Y&R. She’s certainly a treasure of not only our show but all of daytime, and I can’t wait to celebrate her milestone!”

Joshua Morrow (Nick)
“Beautiful and talented … for years, Nick has thought about jumping into the Lauren pool.”

Eileen Davidson (Ashley)
“Tracey is so generous of spirit. She’s always ready, willing and able to help the person out, no matter what it might be. Whether it’s the latest skin care product or issues with your child, Tracey has the 411 and she’s always got the most giving heart to help you out.”

Don Diamont (Bill, B&B; ex-Brad, Y&R)
“I knew Tracey from high school, so it was a kick when we ended up working together! She’s a wonderful person and a terrific actress. It was a total pleasure working with her.”

Michelle Stafford (Nina, GH; ex-Phyllis, Y&R)
“Tracey is completely the real deal. She absolutely will be there for you; she’s been there for me at times that I couldn’t even say in print, but completely there for me as a friend. And people should love her because she gives so much love, so she should receive it back. I wish I could tell stories but they’re so personal that I can’t. She knows where every single body is buried for me. That is no joke. So I have to keep her happy as a friend [laughs].”


Greg Rikaart (Kevin)
“Tracey is the best. Truly. As a friend, she is empathetic, loyal and super-fun.  She has seen me through some significant challenges and some really great joys.  Working with her has always been such a blast. She is fiercely talented, gorgeous and professional. I’m grateful to have shared as much time with her on camera as I’ve gotten to. Kevin and Lauren have as rich a relationship as Greg and Tracey.  Congrats on 35 amazing years, Tracey! I love you.”


Amelia Heinle (Victoria)
“Tracey is the definition of true friend and anyone who is lucky enough to know her will tell you the same.”

Lauralee Bell (Christine)
“From the day I started, Tracey took me under her sisterly protective wing and guided me through so many things, from healthy food choices, to awesome stores, to fun scenes that always had uncontrollable belly laughs. I respect her as a daughter and a mother, and to me, as a co-worker and friend. Love you, Tracey!”


Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie, DAYS; ex-Joanna, Y&R)
“For three happy years, I was lucky to play Tracey’s mother, Joanna Manning. This character was a viperous CEO type who often exchanged acid put-downs with her daughter. On camera bitches, we were off camera pals. It was the era of big hair, big shoulder pads and big earrings. To add to my Joanna mystique, I splashed on lots of Giorgio perfume, a ritzy, heady scent quite popular then. As the workday wore on for hours, I would add another dab or two or three. Finally, Tracey had enough. ‘Good God, Susan, we can smell you in the makeup room when you walk through the downstairs hall.’ I took the hint, and loved Tracey for saving me from my fragrant self. I’m as proud of Tracey’s career as a real mom would be. Her inner and outer beauty have only deepened with the years. I still love earrings, though.”

Melissa Ordway (Abby)
“Tracey is not only gorgeous on the outside, but she’s even more beautiful on the inside. She’s one of the kindest, sweetest people I know and I’m so thankful to get to work with her. Tracey was the first person I met when I started working on Y&R and she was so welcoming. She made me feel right at home! Congratulations, Tracey, on 35 years!”

Kate Linder (Esther)
“How fortunate I am to have worked with Tracey for these 35 years! I love when we have scenes together. Not only is she an incredible actress, but an amazing friend! Congratulations, Tracey! I look forward to many more years to come.”

Judith Chapman (Gloria)
“Gloria’s adorable, sexy daughter-in-law can do more with a raised eyebrow than anybody! Tracey was, is and always will be a star!”


Gina Tognoni (Phyllis)
“Tracey and I have known one another in the daytime community for over 15 years. I have witnessed her beauty, talent and accomplishments richly celebrated within that time. However, it has just been in the last three years at Y&R that I truly learned what an incredible spirit Tracey has. She’s a soul sister, or more simply put, a Spiritual Gangster! Congratulations, my friend, on yet another milestone. Happy anniversary and God’s blessings.”

Melissa Claire Egan (ex-Chelsea)
“Tracey exudes such love and light. She has an infectious laugh, and is just so warm and inviting in every way. She’s so talented, but also brings such a loving warmth to the Y&R stages, making everyone feel welcome and included. And she’s such a girls’ girl, always so fun to gab with. Also, did she start the show as a baby, because she looks like she’s 35!”

John McCook (Eric, B&B; ex-Lance, Y&R)
“Spent weeks huddled against the cold with her in a plane crash in Iceland … huddled with Tracey for any reason will get you through most things! She’s smart, beautiful, talented and committed to the material every day, and she’s a great mom. One of Y&R’s best assets!”


Jess Walton (Jill)
“Tracey is the whole package to me! My relationship with her is one of the most special relationships I’ve ever had on the show, both personally and character-wise. Tracey is one of the most generous, loving and wise people that I have ever known. Professionally, we meld extremely well on-stage with our work ethic. I really admire her longevity and dedication to her craft. As characters, Jill needed a sister far worse than I ever imagined on the show. There was a time that Jill could talk to Lauren about anything and be met with non-judgment and love, which is very rare for Jill. Congratulations, Tracey, on 35 wonderful years of being young and restless.”

Doug Davidson (Paul)
“First of all, Tracey’s birthday isn’t until May, so she won’t be 35 until then. Wait, did you say her 35th anniversary on the show? That is impossible! She still doesn’t look a day over 28!”


Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael)
“I have known Tracey for 26 years. When we met she was already a seasoned Emmy-winning veteran on the show. I had every reason to be intimidated, and yet, with Tracey there was an instant comfort, a sense of ease. There was then, and has been ever since, the knowledge that wherever the scene had to go, however challenging and difficult it was, we had each other’s backs. To this day she gently nudges me into my light. She straightens my tie. She goes through pictures of me after photo shoots and makes sure that all those bizarre poses and hideous expressions that I thought were so wildly creative at the time would never see the light of day. Our characters have played husband and wife for 13 years. Together Michael and Lauren have survived kidnappings, arson, explosions, murderous doppelgängers, collapsed parking garages, childbirth, ungrateful adolescents, prison, trials, mothers-in law, and the occasional bartender. But one of the best things we get to do as Michael and Lauren is dance. Michael and Lauren love to dance. I love to dance. I believe that by dancing with someone you discover, without the smokescreen of words, something truly essential about your partner. When I dance with Tracey the distractions of the day fall away and the things that I tend to take for granted are brought once again into focus. I see her grace and poise, her generosity, her beauty, her courage, her wisdom, her steel. She is no dewy-eyed ingenue; she has attained the lofty status of what, in the business, we call a ‘broad’. She is a force to be reckoned with. It is most definitely not her first time at the rodeo. It is at moments like this, as we glide across the floor, that I become keenly aware that Tracey is effortlessly matching me move for move, step for step, but, as was said of another great dance partner, she’s doing everything that I am doing, but backward — and in insanely high heels.”

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