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52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival 'The Young And The Restless'

Tricia Cast

Role Nina, Y&R


The 411

BIRTHDATE: November 16


STAR SIGN: Scorpio

YEARS ON SHOW: 1986-2001; 2008; 2009-present

MARITAL STATUS: Has been married to Bat McGrath since July 20, 2000. Was wed to Y&R composer Jack Allocco from 1989-2000

Long Island, NY native Tricia Cast has been acting professionally since she was 12 years old. In 1979, she played Tatum O’Neal‘s role in the TV version of THE BAD NEWS BEARS. Throughout the early ’80s, she continued to do guest appearances in prime-time series such as LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE and IT’S A LIVING.

In 1984, she landed a starring role in the sitcom IT’S YOUR MOVE, but the series was only on the air for a year. She then went on to guest-star on MR. BELVEDERE and SIMON & SIMON.

Cast first appeared on daytime in 1985 when she played SANTA BARBARA’s Christy. The next year, she joined Y&R as Nina, a pregnant teen whose baby was taken and sold on the black market. Nina was only supposed to be on for a few episodes, but the character was so popular with fans, the show kept her on and gave her a bigger storyline. In the late ’80s, Nina and her best pal, Cricket, were involved in a love triangle with Phillip Chancellor III, though Nina became pregnant with Phillip’s child and they wed. Then in 1989, Phillip was presumed dead in a drunk-driving accident.

Off-screen, Cast wed Y&R composer Jack Allocco in 1989. Meanwhile, Nina’s romantic life also became more interesting; in the ’90s as she hooked up with psycho David Kimble (whom she shot) and then Ryan McNeil (who cheated on her with a younger woman).

In 2000, Cast divorced Allocco. That same year, she wed musician Bat McGrath. In 2001, she left the show and moved to Nashville, TN. In November, 2008, Y&R invited Cast back for a couple of appearances when Katherine was presumed dead; she agreed and appeared in the scenes for Kay’s funeral. However in May 2009, Cast returned for a bigger storyline when John Driscoll joined the show as Nina and Phillip’s now-grown son, Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV. Meanwhile, Phillip returned and revealed that he’s been faking his death — and that he’s gay.

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Random facts

  • Her Y&R co-star Kristoff St. John (Neil) starred in BAD NEWS BEARS with her when they were kids.
  • Played the sister of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT's Jason Bateman in the sitcom IT'S YOUR MOVE.
  • Cast's very first role was playing Peppermint Patty in her fourth grade class's production of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown.
  • Enjoys quilting in her spare time.
  • Her father is credited as her inspiration and mentor for establishing her career.

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