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Who Is The Male Star Returning To General Hospital?

bryan craig, jonathan jackson, ted king; jack wagner.

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Most Wanted: Could (from l.) Morgan (Bryan Craig), Lucky (Jonathan Jackson), Lorenzo (Ted King) or Frisco (Jack Wagner) be paying Port Charles a visit?

During an interview with ABC7 at the Daytime Emmy Awards, Frank Valentini, the executive producer at General Hospital, teased that “a former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for him.” With the cat out of the bag that a popular male star is poised to return, Digest has come up with six solid possibilities. Check them out and then let us know in the comments below which character (and actor) you hope is the one returning, whether they’re on our list or not!

Lorenzo Alcazar

Sure, Lorenzo was reportedly killed by Jason in 2007. And yeah, there have been supposed sightings that Jerry Jacks (more on him below) set up. But that doesn’t mean Lorenzo can’t return from the dead, right? Besides, he was a daughter, Lila Rae, out there by Skye — the same woman who asked Jason to kill Lorenzo. If it is Lorenzo, played by Daytime Emmy-winning fan favorite Ted King, who is returning, will that mean that Skye (played by Robin Christopher) may also return down the line? Fans have long wanted to see an adult Lila Rae in the Port Charles mix, and summer is the perfect time to beef up the show’s younger set (beyond Gio, of course). The bad guy also has a past of going up against many major players, including Heather Webber. And, of course, Lorenzo was a major threat to Sonny, and not just because of his relationship with Carly. As a fellow mobster, he could really cause trouble for Sonny and Jason if he were to return. Could he be a new twist in the ever-evolving Pikeman story?

Morgan Corinthos

Morgan’s loved ones (chief among them father Sonny and mother Carly) grieved mightily when he blew up back in 2018, but fans have always been prepared for the possibility that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated (after all, the PCPD never found a body). It was Daytime Emmy-winning actor Bryan Craig ‘s decision to leave the show that prompted Morgan’s demise (or could it be “demise?”), and if he was ready to come back, Morgan would certainly shake up the dynamics not only in the fractured Corinthos family, but in the perennially troubled life of his ex-lover, Ava, who played a critical, if unwitting, role in that fiery car crash by swapping out his bipolar medication for placebos. Plus, we hear there’s a new penguin exhibit at the Port Charles Zoo! (If you know, you know.)

Jerry Jacks

While the character was originated by Julian Stone in 1998, it was when Sebastian Roché, who played the bad guy off and on from 2007-2015, assumed the role that the suave yet basically evil brother of Jasper “Jax” Jacks really took off. He was once engaged to Bobbie, so finding out about her passing could be addressed. While he also had a notable romance with Alexis, he held almost everyone in Port Charles hostage at some point and killed Alan Quartermaine (or at least caused the heart attack that did). Everyone in town would have a reason to want to see him dead (which he has returned from more than once). He isn’t currently dead on-screen — instead, he escaped prison and is somewhere out there and could easily be a new cog in the Pikeman machine. Roché has been enjoying career success elsewhere, but if he could be lured back to daytime, it sure would be fun to see Jerry try to win back the all-too-single Alexis. We bet Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) would agree; she noted to Digest in 2014 that she and Roché “were two really well-suited actors. We had similar sensibilities and the choices we made were similar.”

Frisco Jones

Felicia may have proclaimed recently that Mac was the love of her life, but that’s probably a lot easier to say given that she hasn’t seen Frisco in years. They were a supercouple back in the ’80s and their chemistry was so on fire that actors Kristina and Jack Wagner fell in love in real life (and like the on-screen couple, also married and divorced). Frisco is no longer tied to the WSB, having been removed as the head honcho before Brennan took over, making him free to travel back to the town where he has three grandchildren (Georgie, James and Bailey) who he should consider getting to know — plus, we would absolutely love to see Maxie read her absentee father for filth like she did her mother years ago for basically bailing and letting Mac raise her. But once the dust settles, Frisco could try to get the lady of his heart back. Would he stand a chance? It would be fun watching him try. Jack Wagner even told Digest as recently as 2022 that he’d “absolutely” be game for a comeback, enthusing, “I love General Hospital. I will always honor that show and its fans … It gave me my first big job and Frisco, I believe, has been such [an] iconic character on that show. I’m still called Frisco by so many people when they see me, you know? And so, yeah, I would absolutely come back!”

Ric Lansing

How Ric hasn’t been seen since 2016 is a huge mystery considering he left his daughter Molly to grow up without him, but it makes a lot of sense to us that now is the time for him to return, with Molly poised to welcome her first child (via surrogate Kristina) with her domestic partner, TJ. But Ric’s ties to key characters the canvas run yet deeper. The character, who first appeared in 2002, has a shady romantic past with ex-wives Liz, Alexis and Nina, had a scandalous one-night stand with then-stepdaughter Sam, and has a notoriously volatile relationship with his half brother, Sonny — and Sonny’s ex-wife, Carly, who Ric infamously kept locked up in a panic room. Needless to say, there is a ton of story to mine if multiple Daytime Emmy winner Rick Hearst was to return to the show.

Lucky Spencer

Who would have ever expected Lucky to grow up to be a deadbeat dad? Not us. Not after the way he was raised and his special relationship with both of his parents. So it’s high time Elizabeth’s ex returns to Port Charles and gets to know the kids he was supposed to be helping her raise outside of Facetime. (Does he even know that his son Aiden recently came out?) And it’s not only the younger generation that needs a visit from Lucky — with Nikolas in the clink and Lulu in her endless coma, his loving mother, Laura, has no children on the canvas. Lucky was last seen in Port Charles in 2015, when he helped reunite a back-from-the-dead Jake with Liz. At the time, he was played by Jonathan Jackson, who originated the role in 1993. He’s a triple Daytime Emmy winner, but two other Daytime Emmy victors, Greg Vaughan (Eric, DAYS) and Jacob Young, have also held the role. If Lucky was to return, who’d be playing him this time around?




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