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Race To The Emmys - Outstanding Supporting Actor

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John Aniston (Victor, DAYS)


Congratulations! What did it feel like to get your first nomination after 42 years in daytime?

“Well, I’m glad they found me! I must have been hiding for a long time.”

Was getting a nomination something you had thought about over the years? Did you care?

“I cared, but they make it a lot of work. You have to go through all the reels and this and that. I don’t have the time for that. I just told them in the PR department, ‘Just pick something and send it in.’ ”

Looks like they chose very well, then.

“Apparently. I think it’s better to have other people choose your scenes anyway.”

What was submitted?

“Scenes with Victor and Maggie, and Victor and Deimos. It’s a nice mix lately of being a closet-dastardly-doer and a good husband to Maggie at the same time.”

What do you know about the other actors in your category?

“I was happy to see Jim [Reynolds, Abe] there. He’s made the list a lot of times, though. Steve Burton’s been in there many times, too.”

What are you looking forward to on Emmy night?

“I don’t know. I don’t know what they’re going to have. All I’ve heard is it’s going to be in Pasadena, and it’s going to be in a theater. I’m not sure what that means. Does it mean we don’t get fed?”
Do you have a tuxedo in your closet ready to go? “I have a couple of them, actually. We just have to see if any of them fit me [laughs].”

Steve Burton (ex-Dylan, Y&R)


How did you find out about your nomination?

“The show texted me first and then called, just to make sure I knew. I was shocked, and then excited. I’ve been so busy with my new business that I forgot about the Emmy nominations, but it really feels good to be recognized by your peers. Let’s hope I finally win one of these suckers [laughs]. Then the messages started coming in. I heard from Doug Davidson [Paul, Y&R], who is like my second dad and I miss him a lot. The hair and makeup people at Y&R sent me a cute video congratulating me. From GH, Chad Duell, Maurice Benard, and Laura Wright sent messages.”
Who did you share your news with first?

“My wife had just come home with the kids, so she was thrilled about it.”

What scenes did you submit for consideration?

“When the truth about Sully came out and Dylan has to give him over to Nick. I loved the writing and everyone involved, Joshua [Morrow, Nick], Sharon [Case], Melody [Thomas Scott, Nikki] and Doug, were wonderful, They really made me look good. They’re just incredible. Then that led to Dylan going undercover to him having to leave town. I couldn’t ask for a better story and exit from the writers and Mal [Young, executive producer].”
Will you be coming out for the Emmy ceremony?

“Yes, and if it’s just me that’s the easy part, but if I bring my wife, the whole family has to come. Then it becomes a troop movement. My daughter, even at 2 ½, is a handful. She’s hard to control and I just know she’ll be all over the plane.”

 Chad Duell (Michael, GH)


How did you get the good news?

“I found out through Twitter. I was home with my dog, so I did a fist pump and said, ‘Yeah, Bella!’ The last few months, I’ve been going through some stuff in my life, so this was a really nice thing to have happen to lift my spirits and make me feel proud of myself and what I do.”
Who was the first co-star to congratulate you?

“Finola. I ran into her in the hall and we said congratulations to each other. She does great work.”
What are your thoughts about being up against Steve Burton, who was a mentor to you at GH?

“That’s the main thing I was excited about. I wish he was still here; I’d be teasing him about it all the time, like, ‘The student has become the master!’ When I started on the show, I was like a lost puppy and he helped me a lot, so it’s a real honor to be nominated with him. My dream scenario would be for us to tie.”
Did you expect this nod?

“I knew I had strong material, because a lot of stuff happened to Michael — his girlfriend and his brother died within a month of each other. I didn’t know how it would be received by anyone else, but I was confident in my work.”
Do you feel like an old pro now, or will you be nervous on Emmy night? “I’m not going to lie; I will be pretty nervous. I’m just going to try to focus on what an honor it is to represent the show.”

Jeffrey Vincent Parise (ex-Carlos/Joe, GH)

Steven Bergman

How did you get word of your nomination?

“I had a late night, woke up at noon, turned on my phone and saw that I had a gajillion messages. I was elated! This nomination feels like a real milestone in my life and career.”

Your first acting job on TV was an under-five role on DAYS opposite James Reynolds, who is now your co-nominee.

“That is such a surreal, full-circle moment for me. I’ve always remembered James and how extremely kind and encouraging he was to me as a young actor.”
Did you reach out to anyone with congrats?

“I reached out to Finola, and I left a voicemail for Chad saying, ‘Why don’t we just arm-wrestle for it?’ I wouldn’t offer that to Steve Burton, though [laughs]!”

What is on your reel?

“I picked Carlos dressed as a priest in Ecuador with Sonny, Carlos and Sabrina in the cabin while she was giving birth, to show his softer side, then something of Joe, the doctor, and then Ghost Carlos haunting Julian.”
What are you looking forward to about Emmy night?

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone from GH again, of course. Also, my mom and dad are both coming with me, and I’m looking forward to having a night with my parents that kind of helps to justify all the craziness and the worry that they went through when I said, ‘I’m going to be an actor.’ ”
Are you going to write a speech beforehand?

“I’ll map something out in my head, just because I wouldn’t want to get up there and blank out!”

James Reynolds (Abe, DAYS)


How does it feel to be nominated and recognized by your peers?

“It is the greatest of honors. These are people who know exactly what you go through, every day — to create these characters and, hopefully, translate these scenes from the page to reality. It is an extraordinary honor that they think enough of you to consider your performance to be one of the more outstanding of the season.”
What was your reaction?

“Happy and surprised. I’m very excited about it.”
Which scenes did you pick?

“I submitted scenes surrounding Abe’s shooting and actually including the shooting. The scenes began with Abe reassuring Theo, because he had been upset about the other shootings that had gone on. He had been babysitting and felt like he had reacted wrong in a stressful situation. I started with that and then went to a confrontation with Hope and Rafe. Then, there was the shooting and the hospital scenes with Kayla and Abe, finally ending with Theo. So it was all bookended.”
Who are you bringing to the Emmys?

“Lissa, my wife. She hasn’t been with me to the Emmys for a while. This year, obviously, she can’t wait.”
Who else were you excited about receiving a nomination?

“Obviously, everybody from DAYS. Billy [Flynn] got his first nomination. John Aniston got his first nomination. And Vincent Irizarry, James Lastovic [Joey] and Kate Mansi, who I haven’t seen since she left the show and whose work I thought was wonderful. I’m also excited about all the technical nominations. We got a lot of them.”