B&B Stars Pay Tribute To Orson Bean

Alley Mills’s (Pam, B&B) co-stars took to social media to remember her husband, Orson Bean, 91, who was killed tragically on Saturday, February 8. 

Scott Clifton (Liam): “If you’re lucky in life, you meet one of those human beings so clearly operating on a different moral and intellectual level than the rest of us. Orson was one of them, and you knew it within seconds of shaking his hand. All my love to Alley Mills on this day of profound loss.”

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy): “We lost a GREAT one last night. Orson Bean was a magnificent man. Authentic, kind, always put a smile on my face. Please keep our dear friend Alley Mills in your prayers tonight. This is heartbreaking.”

John McCook (Eric): “Orson’s great joy for life inspired me. #orsonbean @orsonbeanofficial

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter): “My heart broke at hearing about this awful tragedy. #RIP #orsonbean You were always sweet and kind. There was always so much warmth and love whenever Alley spoke of you. My heartfelt prayers to Alley and the rest of the family.”

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke): “It is incredibly sad and shocking to hear what happened to Orson Bean. He was walking across the street last night and was struck by a car. So devastating! My heart goes out to his wife, Alley Mills, and their family. Orson was such an amazing man! He was a brilliant actor! And sooo kind to everyone. Always so positive and energetic and charming. He still had so much life and love to give. We were just at the play Bad Habits 2 weeks ago laughing and enjoying both Alley’s and Orson’s amazing and funny performances. We had many laughs. I hope that you are happy up there dancing in heaven Orson! We will miss you. You are loved! And Alley, we are here for you always???? #orsonbean

Darin Brooks (Wyatt): “This is one of the many pictures I think capture these two perfectly… Alley and Orson always laughing and making other people laugh… he was one of those people who just genuinely seemed happy and full of life and freaking FUNNY man! And just a good, sweet dude all around… Genuinely thankful that you touched my life even for a brief moment in the 91 years you touched everyone else’s… All of our love, thoughts, prayers go out to you Alley and the rest of the family… Make em laugh up there… ❤️”

Rena Sofer (Quinn): “My heart is broken for my dear friend Ally Mills and her family. Orson bean was an incredible actor but I always knew him personally as Ally’s dear husband and love of her life. It was an honor to spend time with them and get a front row seat watching the joy they brought to each other. Ally, we love you and are here to love you through this heartache. My condolences to all of Orsons family and friends and all who loved him. On screen and off. #rip #orsonbean @boldandbeautifulcbs @cbstv #boldandbeautiful

Kimberlin Brown (ex-Sheila): “I sit saddened and shocked by the loss of such an incredible man. Alley my prayers are with you and your family. Orson loved you all so deeply. A giant of a man. @boldandbeautifulcbs

Reign Edwards (ex-Nicole): “Rest In Peace Mr. Orson Bean and thank you for all you gave to this world❤️ May God’s love encompass you, Alley and your family ❤️ thoughts, love, and prayers are with you Alley ❤️“

Don Diamont (Bill): “Orson Bean was one of a kind! I so enjoyed every opportunity to chat with this man. He was so engaging, brilliant, funny, and warm. My heart breaks for our dear Alley. Every time I saw her I would ask, “How’s my hero?” She couldn’t talk about her husband without smiling. We hold you in our hearts Alley. RIP dear Orson!??❤️”

Linsey Godfrey (Sarah, DAYS; ex-Caroline): “I had the pleasure of knowing Orson through Alley’s eyes. The kindest, funniest, most loving man. Together there were no two people more fascinating, funny or in love. My heart breaks for Alley and their family. ❤️ #riporsonbean I love you Alley Mills”

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