Amanda Setton On Her GH Return

“I was very excited to get back to GH!” enthuses mother of three Amanda Setton, who took an extended maternity leave and had been off screen since August 2020. “I missed everyone so much and missed getting to play Brook Lynn each day. She’s just such a fun, spunky, ‘live life to the fullest’ kind of gal. That’s an energy I enjoy getting to tap into!”

Stepping back into the role, Setton acknowledges that she “was definitely a bit more nervous than normal given the sleeplessness I’m dealing with right now because of the baby, but was excited for the challenge. My first day back was so wonderful, seeing all the producers and the entire cast and crew. It was so amazing being back with Wally [Kurth, Ned] and Lisa [LoCicero, Olivia]; they really feel like my family. It was so comforting being back together again in the Quartermaine living room!”

Brook Lynn returned with child, which means that Setton is strapping on pregnancy padding. “It’s definitely a riot, having this huge belly, but thankfully not nearly as heavy as a real one,” she winks. “I’m excited to play this wild, deep and exciting storyline. We definitely get to see a softer and more vulnerable side of Brook Lynn.”

The actress is grateful for the support she’s received from her boss, Executive Producer Frank Valentini. “I honestly can’t say enough about Frank,” she praises. “He is an incredible person all around, an amazing friend, an even more amazing producer and director, if that’s even possible. Generous, loving, supportive, brilliant and talented. I actually told him we were expecting before [GH’s pandemic production] shutdown and he couldn’t have been more supportive and loving. To have someone in life, especially at work, be so supportive and loving, and such an incredible collaborator, it is a true gift and I am grateful for him every day.”

She is also grateful for the love she’s received from GH fans and has this to say to them: “Thank you for supporting the show and for falling in love with Brook Lynn. She’s a dynamo, but beneath it all, has a big heart and always has her family and their well-being as her priority. You guys are the best!”