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Today marks Alison Sweeney's (Sami, DAYS) directorial debut at GH, and Digest has the inside scoop from the actress.

“There were so many people who came up to me, who I’ve known from daytime for so many years, who were thrilled to have me there,” she enthuses in the new issue, on sale now. “The first person I saw that morning was Kirsten [Storms, Maxie; ex-Belle, DAYS], and she practically dropped everything she was doing to give me this big hug and say, ‘Congratulations.’ I didn’t get to direct her in my episodes, but she was like, ‘You have to come back so you can direct me!’ She was excited for me, as were Lynn Herring [Lucy], Michelle [Stafford, Nina], Finola [Hughes, Anna] and Nancy Lee Grahn [Alexis]. It was amazing. In some ways, even though we’re on different shows, daytime is such a family and it was such a wonderful, welcoming environment.”

The actress reveals that she has been invited back by Executive Producer Frank Valentini to do another show. "I’m very excited to come back again. It’s a very different schedule coming in once every two months to direct. It’s fun for me and exactly what I want, the opportunity to do something different, something great, on a way less committed time schedule.” But her first soap home is still very present in her mind and heart. “I’m hoping to direct at DAYS again soon,” she adds. For more, pick up the new issue of Digest, on sale now. And don't miss today's episode of GH, as well as Monday's, to catch Sweeney's work behind the camera.