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What Actors Are Doing At Home: Sal Stowers (Lani, DAYS)

My Daily Routine Consists Of: “Waking up by 7-8 a.m. I do my morning ritual: making my bed, reading something spiritual, grati- tude work, meditation/prayer. I walk my dog, Prince, make my matcha latte and then get my body moving. I always try to do something creative that makes me feel good every day. I take it easy each day, listening to what my heart needs in the moment; it definitely changes, considering what’s going on in the world right now. Lots and lots of self-care. Lunch is always around 12-1 p.m. and I end my day around 5 p.m. I make dinner, watch a movie or show, maybe a little puzzling, catch up with some friends, then I call it a night.”

I’m Staying In Touch With Family And Friends By: “FaceTime! I’m on FaceTime every day. I’ve never used FaceTime this much!”

I’m Keeping In Shape By: “I try and work out every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. Something to get my heart rate up and my body moving. It may be a quick HIIT [high- intensity interval training] workout followed by some stretching or I’ll do some resistance training with bands and light weights.”

The Show I Binged And Loved: “OZARK on Netflix. Finished all three seasons. So good!”

Most Fun Thing I’ve Done While At Home: “Getting back into all my hobbies. Making candles and doing calligraphy and hand-lettering. I’m obsessed with handwriting, writing letters, etc. Your handwriting, it’s uniquely yours. There’s something special and magical in that.”

Most Productive Thing I’ve Done While At Home: “Studying for my NASM exam (National Academy Of Sports Medicine).”

Most Surprising Thing I’ve Found In My Pantry: “Cauliflower oatmeal and frozen onions in my freezer. Was so happy about those onions!”

The Best Meal I’ve Made/Had Since I’ve Been Staying At Home: “Crispy sriracha and honey Brussels sprouts topped with toasted sesame seeds. Delicious!”

The Gadget I’ve Most Relied On (e.g., phone, computer, TV, microwave): “My computer and definitely the TV! Ha!”

App I Most Recently Downloaded: “Houseparty and Marco Polo — all ways to stay in touch with loved ones.”

The Person I’m Most Excited To Hug Post- Quarantine: “My entire cast and crew. I’m missing my show family so much right now. We spend so much time together, so it’s defi- nitely hard not seeing them.”

Right Now, I’m Most Grateful For: “My health, having a safe place to quarantine and lay my head at night.”

When I Feel Anxious…: “I feel anxious when I think about the uncertainty of the world right now. Not knowing when things will go back to normal or if they ever will. Scary times we’re in right now but every day I’m trying to find the light and love in the present moment.”

My Message To The Fans In These Uncertain Times: “You are not alone, you are safe, you are loved and together we will all get through this. There’s always a rainbow after the storm, remember that. I love you all.”