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Quick Take With Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

How does Steffy feel about Finn being so supportive of her during this trying time? He’s really gone above and beyond. “Right? I just love that. Steffy has really fallen for Finn. She sees the breadth of the great human that he is. She’s realized since she slept with Liam that he really does belong with Hope, and that she has feelings for someone for the first time since Liam. She wants a future with Finn. I think they are a good fit.”

How will Steffy face the future, now that she knows the baby is Liam’s? “Steffy is nothing if not a realist. That’s why she was able to realize Liam belongs with Hope. Realist. She’s trying her best to give gratitude to the fact that she is going to be a mother again, as being a mother is what she’s most proud of. She will look at the bright side and move forward. I’ve always admired that trait about her.”

That Steffy/Brooke confrontation was fun to watch. “It was fun to play! I love when [Katherine] Kelly [Lang, Brooke] and I get to mix it up.”

Do you think Steffy felt that Brooke’s anger was justified in her defense of Hope? “Again, Steffy is a realist. She sees Brooke’s POV but come on, Steffy is the CEO of an international fashion house, a single mother to a toddler and pregnant. She doesn’t have time for Brooke’s rant.”

That was a sweet, warm father/daughter scene when Steffy broke the news to Ridge. “I love working with Thorsten [Kaye, Ridge]. He’s just the best on so many levels. Ridge doesn’t judge her. He just sits with her and gives his love and understanding. Her dad is all the comfort Steffy needs right now.”

Do you think there was a part of Steffy that thought about maybe lying about the paternity results to make things easier for her and Finn? It would have made for an interesting twist. “Lying was never an option for Steffy. That’s why it was important to her to have everyone present when the results came in.”

What have you learned from guiding Steffy through so many trials and tribulations over the years? “Don’t sleep with two men at one time, just say no to drugs and don’t trust blonde women with the last name Logan [laughs].”