ICYMI: DAYS's Suzanne Rogers And Linsey Godfrey Interview

suzanne and linsey

Credit: JPI

DAYS’s Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) and Linsey Godfrey (Sarah) formed an instant bond, on-screen and off

It was love at first sight, mother/daughter style, the moment Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) and Linsey Godfrey (Sarah) laid eyes on one another at the DAYS studio. In honor of Mother’s Day, the two actresses got together to chat about their special bond, weird similarities and who’s got the better butt.

Soap Opera Digest: When did the two of you meet?

Linsey Godfrey: My first day. I already knew who Suzanne was.

Suzanne Rogers: I knew who Linsey was, too.

Godfrey: I literally just walked in and from the day we met, called her mom. Suzanne was in the makeup chair. I was like, “Mommmmmmm”. Suzanne was like, “Baby”. I went up and I hugged her, and she gave me a big old kiss.

Rogers: It was easy. I had watched her on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL [as Caroline], and I remembered her with blonde hair. I was trying to remember if she had brown eyes. When they cast Melanie, who was my granddaughter, [Molly Burnett] had blue eyes. I thought, “I hope this daughter has brown eyes. Somebody has to have brown eyes like me.” I looked at Linsey and said, “And you have brown eyes.” I was so thrilled. And she has brown hair, which is her natural color. It all worked out so beautifully.

Digest: Would you call it love at first sight?

Rogers: Absolutely.

Godfrey: I never call her Suzanne. It’s always, “Mom”.

Rogers: And I never call her Linsey. It’s always, “Honey” or “Sweetheart” or “Baby”. It’s always something endearing.

Digest: What’s the first thing you noticed about each other?

Rogers: I noticed her smile and the way her eyes twinkle.

Godfrey: Suzanne has the prettiest skin. It’s like butter. And she has no pores. She’s actually made of porcelain [laughs].

Digest: Did you bond right away?

Rogers: I think so. We started doing emotional scenes and we were both there. We were looking at each other and we were both welling up. It was easy.

Godfrey: We’re both such affectionate people, too. We’re very touchy. We’re always holding hands or hugging, or my head is on her shoulder. It really sells [Maggie and Sarah’s] relationship.

Rogers: When we finish a scene, I’ll turn around and hug her and say, “Thank you so much.” It’s automatic and it’s genuine. She’s not putting it on. I’m not putting it on. It’s just how we feel.

Godfrey: It was an instant love for each other and an instant concern. I always know when something’s off with Suzanne.

Rogers: And it’s, “Can I do anything for you? Can I get you anything?” There’s always concern for the other person.

Godfrey: I know if she’s having a bad day. I can sense something’s wrong, if she’s not her normal sunshine self. I’ll be like, “I’m going to go knock on her door.”

Rogers: I’m going through some stuff with my mom right now, so it’s really hard. Linsey’s been very kind and loving and affectionate. I know that she’s there for me. She’s like my daughter. She’s like my real daughter.

Digest: Do you get to spend much time together between scenes?

Rogers: She’s so busy because she works with Greg [Vaughan, Eric] and Paul [Telfer, Xander] and Kyle [Lowder, Rex]. She’s got all the men.

Godfrey: I’m everywhere.

Rogers: She knows where I am. If I’m not in the makeup room, I’m in my dressing room. If we need to run lines, it’s easier for her to find me than for me to find her.

Digest: Do you have many similarities?

Rogers: We’re so similar. We’re the same size, height size. We both have brown eyes.

Godfrey: We’re both very optimistic people. We’re genuinely happy and very bubbly.

Rogers: We even giggle the same.

Godfrey: And we make the same exact hand gestures. We did a scene last week where Suzanne pointed out that we were standing the same way and holding our hands the same way the whole time.

Rogers: It’s weird and wonderful in the same breath.

Digest: What’s it like working together? Do your styles mesh?

Godfrey: We work exactly the same way. We both are very big on running lines. We both want to find the moments [in scenes]. Neither of us wants to phone it in.

Rogers: We come in ready. We know what the scenes are about. We’ve already worked on the lines. When we come in we can work together, see what we’re going to give to each other, and then give something back. It’s so effortless.

Godfrey: We both like to stay right there with each other in scenes. Even when they call cut, we don’t break out of the character. We stay there and make eye contact. We’re really close.

Rogers: Then we hug. We hug each other so tight. We’re the best huggers.

Digest: Do you see each other outside of work?

Rogers: We’ve tried. Linsey has offered. But all this stuff with my mom has happened in the last month, and I have been kind of preoccupied and overwhelmed.

Godfrey: I usually just head home after work. Between the two of us, my boyfriend and I have three kids, so there are a lot of moving parts.

Rogers: I’m hoping that when things subside, we can get together because I’ll be in a better place in my head.

Digest: When there’s downtime at the studio, what kind of things do you talk about?

Rogers: We talk about everything. It’s just so natural. If there’s an awards show the night before, we’ll come in and talk about it. “Did you see that outfit? Did you see this?” It’s very girly.

Godfrey: We talk about TV shows and movies. [To Rogers] What movie were we talking about the other day?

Rogers: It was an old film. The Hugh Grant/Sandra Bullock movie, Two Weeks Notice. I was saying that Sandra Bullock had made a statement that she couldn’t work with any other person, any other comedian, after Hugh Grant because he was that good and that easy to work with. She said he made her so much better. That’s how I feel about Linsey.

Godfrey: I like to listen to Suzanne’s stories about working back when she was…

Rogers: A Rockette.

Godfrey: She was also telling me about working with Katharine Hepburn [in the Broadway production of Coco].

Rogers: Sometimes you don’t know if somebody wants to hear that stuff.

Godfrey: I do.

Digest: Do you ever weigh in on stuff like fashion?

Rogers: I think she likes my clothes. I had on an orange dress the other day with an Oriental kind of coat over it. Linsey was like, “Oh, my God! I love that dress.”

Godfrey: Mama has style. And she always dresses so good when she comes to work. Her wardrobe [on the show] is also awesome. We love clothes.

Rogers: Yeah. We’re fashionistas.

Digest: Suzanne, do you ever offer Linsey any advice?

Rogers: Oh, God, never. I really don’t. I feel this way: She’s so grounded. She has a beautiful daughter.

Digest: What are some of the differences between the two of you?

Rogers: Well, she’s got a better butt [laughs]. I had to throw that out there.

Godfrey: I’m mouthy … I’m mouthier.

Rogers: She may say more than I do.

Godfrey: I definitely will. If I hear something and I don’t agree, I’m going to say something. And I have a little bit of a mouth of a sailor.

Rogers: I kind of keep things to myself, which is not to say I won’t eventually pull a person aside and say something to them.

Godfrey: If somebody says something, I’m like, “What?!”

Rogers: And I go, “Uh-oh. Here we go.”

Digest: Suzanne’s more the proper Southern belle.

Godfrey: She sure is. My mom is the same way. Suzanne reminds me so much of my mom. I think that’s why we get along so well, because I’m such a big fan of my mom.

Digest: Can you cite any favorite scenes you’ve had together?

Godfrey: We’ve had some good ones. It’s hard to remember specifics. I like our dynamic. Sarah’s mouthy, spunky and fiery. Maggie is the only character that she will be soft with. It’s the only time you’ll ever see Sarah revert to little kid mode. That’s the way I am with my mom.

Rogers: There’s honesty between them. I love our mother/daughter scenes. I love when Sarah confides in Maggie, or when Maggie has to pull something out of Sarah.

Digest: How would you describe Maggie and Sarah’s relationship?

Godfrey: It’s very affectionate, loving and trusting. And it’s equal parts adult relationship and mother/child relationship.

Rogers: I have to be careful that I don’t treat her like a little girl. But there is that part of Maggie where Sarah will always be her little girl. Sometimes Albert [Alarr, co-executive producer] will come around and say, “Listen, you’ve got to be the mother here. You have to [take a stand].” I have to take a step back because it’s hard. I want to protect her. That’s part of the whole conglomerate of who the two of us are as people.

Digest: Are there any little tidbits you can share about the other that someone might not know?

Godfrey: There’s nothing that surprising. We’re both crazy water people. We can’t be on set without water.

Rogers: We always have to hide our water glasses and bottles.

Godfrey: You know what we both do? When we get to work, we both go into the makeup room and…

Rogers: Say hello to everyone.

Godfrey: We greet each person and we do it physically, whether it’s a hug or a kiss on the cheek or just a rub on the back. We both always do that, every morning, without fail.

Rogers: When I first noticed that about Lindsey, I was like, “Damn, we’re alike.”

Godfrey: We really are.

Rogers: And we like each other so much. Can you tell?