GH Favorites Debut Thrilling New IGTV Series

GH faves Finola Hughes (Anna), Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke), Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix) and Brooklyn Rae Silzer (ex-Emma) have joined forces for a new series for IGTV (Instagram’s video arm), ENTER EXIT, which was conceived of and produced while the stars were sheltering in place.

Says Hughes, who both stars in ENTER EXIT and directed it, “Literally the day we shut down [production at GH], I texted [her friend and television scribe] Matt [Boren] and said, ‘Let’s do something! Let’s figure out the camera stuff — what do you want to do?’ I started to think about, if you’re in lockdown, what would be a narrative where you could act in a vacuum, basically? I first started thinking about what my character would be — a retired [government] agent. And then there’s some reason that I’m retired. And I started to think about stationary shots and walking into your closeup and all those kinds of things. I left [the rest] with Matt; it was basically, ‘Whatever he writes, we’ll do.’ And I just sort of concentrated on how, feasibly, we could do it.”

Picks up Boren, “Finola called and I am pretty sure I cut her off and said, ‘Yes!’ right after she said, ‘What do you think about a show for Ian and me…’ I am saving the bigger story for a new book of mine, but in a nutshell, Finola and Ian were everything to me growing up in Framingham, Massachusetts. I started watching GH the very day Finola premiered as Anna Devane. My imagination and life were forever changed from that moment — Devane scar and all.  Finola and Ian as Anna and Duke truly lit my creative spirit and while there is so much that falls between me meeting them at a fan club luncheon in New York City and now, I will say they are two of my dearest friends and we have all wanted to collaborate for a long time.  The pandemic — brutal as it’s been — carved out space and time for us to just jump in. I love writing for actors and Finola and Ian are two of my all-time favorite actors, so writing for them is something (don’t tell them) I’ve done in my journals since 1985.”

According to Boren, it was a no-brainer to incorporate additional GH talent. “Finola and I have such a shorthand creatively. And we both love and admire the soaps and soap actors.  I always want to create opportunity for actors who are on/ have been on soap operas because I know that they not only work harder than most but that there is so much talent there — look no further than the soaps to find your actors.”

Boren describes the series as, “in a sense, a local detective thriller that starts out small — and understandably so as season one takes place during the pandemic. However, what we seed throughout these first 11 mini-episodes hints at a show that longs to be on a much larger, more global scale. We were absolutely inspired by ’80s GH — the WSB, the espionage and larger than life stories that were so thrilling, and through Devane/Scorpio/Lavery/Donnelly/Jones, so grounded. Throw that in with some KILLING EVE, X-FILES and (this will make sense down the line) STRANGER THINGS and you have a recipe that might be pages away in our cookbook.”

The first of ENTER EXIT’s 11 mini-episodes drops today. To check it out, visit Hughes’s Instagram page here.