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Exclusive Young And Restless Preview: Will Kyle Go To Work for Victor?

michael mealor, eric braeden


Unable to tolerate Kyle’s insubordination any longer, Diane made the shocking decision to fire her son as COO of Jabot on Young and Restless. “It was just the last straw for his mom,” notes Michael Mealor (Kyle). “Kyle just kept making the wrong moves and pushing through things without her consent and she’s above him as far as the hierarchy goes. She would have given him a spanking, but he’s a little too old, so she decided to fire him.”

The resentment goes back to when Diane was promoted by Jack to co-CEO, Kyle’s old title. “Kyle just wants everyone to see that he is competent enough to have this job and he deserves this job and it was taken away from him,” Mealor explains. “He just wants to prove to himself so that his parents, mainly his father, and in turn his mother, will finally really see him in the right light. Kyle always thought that he had the upper hand in the situation but it went in a way that he didn’t anticipate.”

Even after Kyle was given his walking papers, he counted on his dad to back him up, which didn’t go as planned either. “Jack definitely took Diane’s side and Kyle feels like his dad did it because he wants to keep the peace within his marriage,” Mealor surmises. “So Kyle is now feeling his dad has once again betrayed him and chose a side out of necessity and not the smartest decision for the company.”

Instead of accepting his termination quietly, Kyle announced his resignation. After storming out of the office over Jack’s protests, Kyle texted Victor indicating a willingness to work with his father’s sworn enemy. “I think he’s going to play dirty,” predicts Mealor. “He wants to prove that he can make it on his own, so he’s moving on.”

To that end, Kyle meets with Victor to discuss Newman’s offer for Kyle to run Glissade with Audra. “It’s a also a cosmetics company, so it’s something that he feels comfortable with and can succeed in,” Mealor reasons. “This is his chance to really make a name for himself outside of Jabot. I think the cosmetics industry will always know Kyle as an Abbott. It’s not known that Victor is an investor but Glissad is a fully funded company and Kyle gets to build it from the ground up in a way that he sees fit. This can really show his drive, his ability, his creativity, all away from the legacy of Jabot so that’s becoming more and more attractive to Kyle.”

Kyle keeps it under his hat that he was fired from the family company. “Kyle wants Victor to know that Kyle is still wanted, not that he’s been discarded,” Mealor explains. “He wants Victor to think that he’s getting something that is of value still.”

Whether or not he accepts Victor’s job offer, Kyle is ready to be his own man outside of Jabot. “I think he’s feeling energized about this,” Mealor says. “He seems affirmed in his decisions and his choices that he’s ready to take the world by force.”

But will Kyle be able to work comfortably side by side with his ex-lover, Audra? Mealor points out, “I don’t think Kyle knows the answer at this point in time. I think both he and Audra will have to wait and find out about that one. I think it’s going to be difficult and will be quite a wild ride that’s ahead of them because neither of them trust each or like each other that much. This could be a powder keg ready to go off, but he’s still very tempted to go for it.”