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Exclusive: Will Lily Throw In With Billy’s Takeover On Y&R?

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Exclusive Young And Restless Preview

Will Lily Throw In With Billy’s C-W Takeover?

Billy once again asks Lily to be a part of his takeover of Chancellor-Winters so they can run the company together. Lily requests time to ponder the proposition, then later calls Billy and asks to meet at Society.

As Billy enters the restaurant, he’s optimistic that Lily will join forces with him. “I think the interesting thing about Lily and Billy is that both still care about each other,” opines Jason Thompson (Billy). “They kind of separated their relationship in somewhat of an amicable way and they’re pretty respectful of each other. Nobody really did anything wrong and they’ve gone on to have other relationships since, so I think there’s an undercurrent of respect there. But I think Lily is a little wary of Billy and she’s right to kind of question where his motives are coming from.

“Given the situation with Jill’s health,” he continues, “and just with the relationship between Billy and Devon, Lily’s a little bit stuck in the middle. So, I think that she is intrigued by the possibility of them working together because I think that’s one thing they definitely agree on: that they did good things when they were working together.”

Thompson emphasizes that this isn’t a power grab play by Billy, but about preserving his mother’s legacy. “I think that one of the things that Billy is learning about himself and his emotional maturity as life goes on is just how important family really is,” the actor notes. “His mom got sick out of nowhere and he realizes that there are certain things that are not negotiable or up for sale, and that is his love for his family and his commitment to that. I think he’s learning that now as he goes, on a deeper level. So I believe that he really is doing this for his mother’s legacy. And there’s one thing about Billy, if he thinks that it’s the right thing to do, he goes forit  and that’s where he finds himself right now, including with Lily.“

When Billy sits down, Lily announces she has official business to discuss first. Lily shares that she and Daniel have come to an agreement about OmegaSphere: There will be no arbitration because C-W will keep the Princess Louisa game and will finance a college fund for Lucy in return. Billy is impressed with the deal Lily struck. “Those kind of actions really resonate with him,” says Thompson. “She always seems to handle things with intelligence and grace and he does trust her, so he thinks he’s going in the right direction and he’s trying to trust that direction.”

Billy then steers the topic back to the future of C-W. “The fact is, Billy and Devon really aren’t seeing eye to eye and it doesn’t seem like they ever will,” points out Thompson. “From a business standpoint, you’ve got to call it and move on from it before it causes further damage. The way Devon seems to want to run his companies and everything else is not exactly copacetic with Billy. They’re both a little bit stubborn, too, and that’s not always conducive to a workplace that is efficient to doing what it needs to do.”

Thompson acknowledges that a lot of family drama has complicated things. “The relationship between Lily and Devon is incredibly important,” he says. “They’re brother and sister, and they’ve been through a lot, so there’s a ton of their history there, plus there’s Katherine history, and there’s Neil history. Wrapped up in all that is Jill, her legacy and what she did for the company when it was Chancellor Industries. So we come in with all those things and we end up butting heads for a lot of reasons and Lily is in a little bit of a tough spot there. But Billy trusts Lily’s business acumen and he trusts her as a person. It’s pretty clear that he’s not going to be able to share an office with Devon at this point, so in order to go in another direction and really maximize and optimize the situation, he knows that Lily is the right person to [lead the company] with. I also think that Billy is learning that he’s better with a partner than he is on his own and she’s the force to keep him on the straight and narrow to a certain extent, but also give him a little bit of leash.”

Lily admits to Billy that she finds his vision for C-W intriguing and exciting, and is even more energized by the prospect of what they can accomplish side by side. Thompson says, “Billy is optimistic that Lily is going to join him and he gets excited about it, but there’s a little bit of a catch or somewhat of an ultimatum from her that could stop everything in its tracks.”