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Exclusive: Days of Our Lives's Brandon Barash On Stefan's Paternity Reveal

brandon barash, cherie jimenez


Secrets Are No Fun: DAYS’s Stefan (Brandon Barash) is sweating over what Gabi (Cherie Jimenez) will do with the valuable info she now holds.

Stefan holds some mighty powerful leverage over EJ in light of his recent discovery that Eric is the real biological father of Nicole’s baby, Jude. “Nicole is EJ’s world,” points out Brandon Barash (Stefan). “Stefan knows that if he blows that secret up, EJ’s world blows up. So he’s very smug and satisfied knowing that he’s holding those cards right now.”

Game On

On the Friday, July 5th episode, Gabi returned home from visiting Ari in Arizona to find Stefan and EJ arguing again. And once alone with her husband, Gabi pressed him for details about how he managed to coerce EJ into getting her exonerated, certain he must be holding something major over EJ’s head.

According to Barash, Stefan had thus far kept the explosive paternity news from Gabi for one main reason: “Because he knows who he’s dealing with.” And he knows his wife is a live wire. “It’s that old scorpion and the frog story. The scorpion can’t help but sting the frog. Stefan knows that if Gabi can sting, she’s going to sting, and she’s going to sting hard. Stefan’s very worried about that.

“He also knows that Gabi has an ax to grind with EJ,” the actor continues, “because he was the one who knowingly falsely imprisoned [Gabi for murder]. Stefan knows that Gabi sat there in prison stewing and ruminating on EJ and how she was going to get back at him. Stefan fears that once Gabi becomes privy to this information, she’s going to burn his house of cards down.”

Stefan Spills

Nevertheless, Stefan finally relented and told Gabi that Jude is Eric’s son. The news stuns Gabi, who wants to reveal the truth — fueled both by her desire to stick it to EJ and her compassion for Nicole, who she feels deserves to know the true identity of the father of her child. “Cherie’s bringing a beautiful element of humanity to this new version of Gabi,” says Barash about his “new”  love interest, actress Cherie Jimenez (Gabi). “We do see this villainous, steaming, power-hungry woman, but we also see this very human side of her as well. Not just when it relates to Stefan, but to other people. I think it’s a very well-rounded character that she has created.”

But Stefan is not on board with Gabi’s desire to spill the beans. “I’m paraphrasing here, but he’s like, ‘You can’t do this. This is not something that we want. Things have finally calmed down,’ ” recounts Barash. “Stefan doesn’t want a war [with EJ] right now, because they have finally reached a time of peace.”

Afterward, all Stefan can do is hope that Gabi heeds his words and keeps silent. “But she’s so hell-bent on revenge,” points out Barash. “The question is, can she play the long game? Or is she so incensed and so ready to wreck EJ’s world the way he wrecked hers that it’s impossible for her to see the forest through the trees?”

As viewers who watched today’s episode know, Gabi couldn’t hold it in. She spilled the truth during EJ’s news conference. If Gabi’s loose lips spark another round of enmity between EJ and Stefan, Barash is all for it. “Dan [Feuerriegel, EJ] is one of my favorite people to work with, and he has become a very close friend of mine,” the actor says. “So when we hate each other on screen, it’s very hard for us, especially during rehearsal, to keep from laughing. But we take the takes seriously.” In fact, he chuckles,There are times where we will just not be able to break character in some takes.”