Editors Share Which Characters They'd Like To See Return

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Tom Stacy
On B&B, I think it’s pretty obvious that if Taylor returned, she could certainly stir up the most drama: Ridge and Brooke just remarried, so there’s the possibility of rekindling that iconic triangle — and since Hunter Tylo (Taylor) has never acted opposite Thorsten Kaye’s Ridge, it’d be fun to see that dynamic in action. Of course, considering what Bill did to her kids, Steffy and Thomas, she’d have a beef with him — or bed him. Imagine what a conniving duo they could be together. Now that Thorne is back, we never did get an explanation about why he and Taylor broke up in Paris, so there could be some great drama there. She was also once engaged to Rick, so she could certainly make waves in Rick and Maya’s marriage which, so far, has been smooth sailing. And, imagine Taylor inserting herself into the Sheila/Quinn feud. In fact, considering that Sheila “killed” her and Quinn married her ex, Eric, picture the cat fight! The potential scenarios are endless. 

Lee Meyer
I know she was just back for a great story, but I want Sami back on DAYS! She infuses such energy into the show, and despite her being a troublemaker, we always root for her. If Sami returned now, there’d be story for Will, Hope, Rafe, John, Marlena … the possibilities are endless!

Devin Owens
On Y&R, I would love to see good ol’ bad Ian Ward come back to stir up trouble again. His portrayer, Ray Wise, plays this character to smarmy perfection and with that devilish smile. I’d also be like a kid on Christmas morning if Alice Johnson returned to Genoa City to make up for that nasty sex ring scandal. Tamara Clatterbuck is an absolute hoot in the role.  

Mara Levinsky
GH’s Nikolas Cassadine. His exit was so abrupt and his absence leaves a huge hole in the canvas. I know Tyler Christopher is very busy on DAYS as Stefan, but a girl can dream!