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Days of our Lives Spoilers Video: Fireworks and The End of An Era

days of our lives spoilers collage of doug and julie, marlena, leo, jada, ej, nicole, eric, tate, alex ,aaron.


Fireworks Explode

In the promo video for the week of July 8 on Days of our Lives, spoilers reveal that Jada is not giving up on getting murderous information out of Bobby. “We know who murdered Li,” she tells her ex. “No… you don’t,” he tells her in a smug manner. Next we hear the voice of doom saying over a picture of Li Shin superimposed with the American flag waving, “The holiday is over but the fireworks are just getting started.”

Gabi has all eyes on her at the press conference and she uses the opportunity to light her own firecracker. “EJ is not Jude’s father,” she drops as Nicole, EJ and even her own husband look at her in shock. “Eric is,” she adds. Nicole turns to EJ and asks her husband, “Is this true?” For the first time in his life, EJ is stunned speechless. “Say something,” screams Nicole.

The imagery continues with shots of a bloody knife getting wiped clean. Then the action switches to Jack and Chad, with the older man accusing, “You want to dig up my daughter’s body,” as images of men in the graveyard doing just that are seen.

The action then switches to Marlena and Leo on the couch with a bowl of popcorn between them watching TV. Marlena is changing the channel with the remote control as Leo looks excited.

“You cannot tell my mother,” begs Tate, with a shirtless Aaron by his side, as he talks to an also shirtless Alex who has found them conspiring in the park. There is also a brief flash of a smiling Holly and Tate gazing into each other’s eyes.

The action switches back to Horton Town Square as Nicole forces EJ to face her and she yells, “You knew, you bastard!” Next thing we see is EJ throwing barware across the room in the DiMera mansion’s living room and releasing a primal scream of anguish mixed with hatred. Meanwhile, at the Salem airport, a life is about to change forever. “He’s your son,” says Nicole to a shocked Eric.

The End of An Era

At the Horton home, Doug is sitting in his favorite chair, with his beloved Julie sitting across from him. “Did I ever tell you how much I love you,” she asks as Doug shakes his head with a chuckle. The two share a warm embrace as the voiceover announces, “Bill Hayes’s final episode.” See it for yourself in the video below.

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