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Y&R Stars Dish About Halloween

The Trick-Or-Treaters: Mark Grossman (Adam), Zuleyka Silver (Audra) and Susan Walters (Diane)

Favorite Scary Movie

Grossman: “The Exorcist was a pretty scary movie, and the weird girl crawling out of the TV in The Ring scared the crap out of me.”

Silver: “I scare easily, so I don’t watch many scary movies. I watched The Exorcist when I was pretty young and that scarred me. But I do enjoy psychological thrillers like Silence of the Lambs and American Psycho.”

Walters: “The most scared I’ve ever been was watching The Omen. “

Best Candy

Grossman: “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.”

Silver: “Sour Belts, Smarties and anything with tamarind.”

Walters: “I definitely stole Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups out of my children’s  Halloween bags.”

Worst Candy

Grossman: “Anything licorice.”

Silver: “Candy corn.”

Walters: “Those little Jolly Ranchers.”

Favorite Pumpkin Dish

Grossman: “I do enjoy pumpkin pie.”

Silver: “Pumpkin pie.”

Walters: “I like a like a good pumpkin soup.”

Spookiest Sound

Grossman: “The branches of a tree scraping against the house, when it’s windy — and at night.”

Silver: “I don’t know the official name but the jewelry box tune with the ballerina in the middle. And, ‘One, two, Freddy is coming for you’ still sends chills up my spine!”

Walters: “I think coyotes howling is the sound of death.”

My Best Halloween Costume Ever

Grossman: “After moving to Arizona as a kid, I have really fond memories of being a cowboy.”

Silver: “Anything original.”

Walters: “When I was a little girl, I was Lady from Lady and the Tramp, although I remember the plastic mask was really hot.”

Costume Philosophy: Instantly Recognizable Or More Obscure?

Grossman: “I would say more obscure.”

Silver: “Instantly recognizable! I think it’s more fun when someone gets it rather than explaining what you were going for.”

Walters: “Instantly recognizable.”

Make A Costume Or Buy One?

Grossman: “Buy.”

Silver: “Both. I usually buy one as a starting point, then tweak it to make it my own.”

Walters: “Buy or assemble.”

Host A Party Or Go To One?

Grossman: “I would rather go to a Halloween party.”

Silver: “Definitely go to one. Nothing to clean after.”

Walters: “Definitely go.”

Haunted Houses: Sign Me Up Or Skip ’Em?

Grossman: “Sign me up, but reluctantly.”

Silver: “Sign me up! Except for the clown mazes. Clowns terrify me.”

Walters: “Absolutely not! I’m a high-anxiety person.”

Pets In Costumes: Yay Or Nay?

Grossman: “Yay! I love that!”

Silver: “Yay! My cat was Batman last year!”

Walters: “Yay! For the last nine years, I’ve dressed my dog up as a horse jockey. He would wear the horse costume and he had a little jockey riding in a saddle on his back.”

Couples Costumes: Yay Or Nay?

Grossman: “Yay! That’s a lot of fun.”

Silver: “Yay! My boyfriend and I were Popeye and Olive Oyl last year.”

Walters: “Yay. My husband and I make a great Fred and Wilma Flintstone.”