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Y&R Star Courtney Hope Explains Her Social Media Absence

courtney hope plays sally spectra on young and the restless.


Young and Restless fans may have noticed that they haven’t seen as much of Courtney Hope (Sally) on social media. The Daytime Emmy-nominated actress, who can usually be counted on to share inspirational musings about life and her growing spirituality, turned to her Instagram stories over the weekend to share a video of why she hasn’t been around as much.

“Hello everyone. Happy Sunday,” she began, looking straight into the camera. “I am here because a lot of people have asked me where I’ve been on social media. I haven’t been posting as much, and I’m here to address it. We each go through different seasons of our lives, and this season, for me, has been a lot about head down, nose to the grindstone working and really nourishing the relationships around me and with myself.”

The actress did indicate she couldn’t completely walk away and has allotted some time for digital interaction. “I’ve been doing 15 minutes of social media a day. That’s it. It’s been wonderful,” she declared. So what has she been doing with the extra time? “I’ve been diving more into my life and looking at who I need to be, what I want to be, what my life looks like for the next chapter, and how I can become that, step up to that. So lots of work. Been super-busy this last month. Next month is super-busy, lots of projects, good stuff. So yeah, this season, not in a bad way, but this is my working season — head down.”

Hope went on to say she has a lot of deadlines she needs to meet, while also focusing on her own life, which she’d been neglecting because of all the work she has had to do. “When I do have my off time, I’m focused on those that I love and also reestablishing connection with myself. We’re constantly evolving and we need different things, and sometimes it’s easy to let those fall by the wayside because we are focused on all these other tasks or things you need to do or other people,” she explained. Part of that focus on herself is looking within. “Just calming my nervous system, giving myself the recovery that I need after working, but then also putting in the work and the consistency for all of those projects,” she added.

She did mention one of the dangers she faces when dealing with social media, which many can probably understand. “I can find myself in comparison mode to their timetable, and that doesn’t do me any good, any justice. There comes a time where it… goes from inspiration and motivation to depression, honestly, because I spend so much time being like, ‘Oh, look,’ that I’m actually neglecting the things that I need to be doing to achieve these things.”

She did have one thought she wanted to make sure her followers understood. “I am here. I do see you. I do hear you. I love you all. I’m excited for the season where I’m posting, posting, posting, and sharing all the good news.”