Y&R: Genoa City Mourns Neil


Credit: Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore) retuns home to attend Neil's funeral. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

In the new issue of Digest, Shemar Moore (Malcolm), Bryton James (Devon) and Head Writer Josh Griffith preview how the show will bid farewell to the late Kristoff St. John (ex-Neil). “I owed him an emotional story,” says Griffith. “Because of that, writing it was an integral part of the grieving process.” Adds James, “Pretty much everybody who was a significant part of Neil’s life is there, as they should be,” James acknowledges. “The show did a really great job with the episodes to give the time and respect that character deserves. I really think the audience will be happy. Aside from what was written for us, the writers and the producers know we all had a personal relationship with Kristoff, so they allowed us to add a little here and there to make the words our own.” Notes Moore of the eulogy Malcolm delivers, “I told the head writer, ‘It’s almost like you were hiding in my closet or somewhere in my house,’ because whoever wrote it, literally word for word, it sounds like something I would say, it sounds like something I would write.” For more, pick up the new issue, on sale tomorrow. The good-bye begins on April 23; a special segment will air on THE TALK on April 26.