What Actors Are Doing At Home: Kin Shriner (Scott, GH)

My Daily Routine Consists Of: “Dining by the pool.”

I’m Staying In Touch With Family And Friends By: “Jungle drums.”

I’m Keeping In Shape By: “I made a makeshift gym in my classic movie room.”

The Show I Binged And Loved: “OZARK.”

Most Fun Thing I’ve Done While At Home: “Watch all episodes of PERRY MASON.”

Most Productive Thing I’ve Done While At Home: “Slim down to a 31-inch waist.”

Most Surprising Thing I’ve Found In My Pantry: “[Photographer and friend] Jim Warren.”

The Best Meal I’ve Made Since I’ve Been Staying At Home: “All. I have become a gourmet cook.”

The Gadget I’ve Most Relied On: “Transistor radio.”

App I Most Recently Downloaded: “What’s an app?”

The Person I’m Most Excited To Hug Post- Quarantine: “Frank Valentini [GH’s executive producer].”

Right Now, I’m Most Grateful For: “Turner Classic Movies.”

When I Feel Anxious, I…: “Enjoy vintage wine.”

My Message To The Fans In These Uncertain Times: “Stay tuned! Having technical difficulties.”