Tuesday Fast Five With Rory Gibson

What celebrity impression are you told you’re good at? “I do a very mediocre Mark Whalberg.”

What was the longest book you ever read? Was it worth it? “[Harry Potter And] The Goblet Of Fire in the third grade and it was absolutely worth it.”

Describe the perfect sandwich. “There’s a local vegan sandwich place near me called Locali. They have a breakfast sandwich called The Baaadasss [vegan sausage patty, vegan cheddar, vegan chipotle sauce and maple syrup on a sprouted multi-grain English muffin] and it’s so good!”

Did you ever have an imaginary friend? “When I was a kid, I pretended my teddy bear was alive and that he was my little brother. His name was Keno. Cool dude.”

Do you believe in either Bigfoot, aliens or ghosts? “I believe in all three. This world is a weird place.”