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Take Five With Finola Hughes (Anna, General Hospital)

Finola Hughes


Finola Hughes (Anna) answered these questions with Laura Wright (Carly) sitting nearby, helping out. Their banter was hilarious, so it has been included.

What is the last thing you bought with cash? 

Wright: (laughs, knowing the answer – holds up Hughes’s new bag) This right here. We were on the street freezing, so she shops. She was indecisive and couldn’t make up her mind.

Hughes: I know, I did take a minute. [sheepish] I bought a bag on the street and I know I shouldn’t, but I got it. It wasn’t a knockoff, it’s just a bag. And yeah, I bought a bag on the street for cash.

What’s the first major purchase we’d make if you won Lotto?

A house in Tahiti.

Who was the last co-star you FaceTimed with? 

Wright: Do you FaceTime a lot?

Hughes: Yeah. Probably James Patrick [Stuart; Valentin]. Yeah, I would say.

Wright: We’ve never FaceTimed.

Hughes: Who, you?

Wright: Yeah me.

Hughes: Well, you didn’t [expletive] ask.

Wright (laughs): I’m so going to FaceTime you now. In two minutes, get ready.

What song always makes you get up and dance? 

Hughes: Oh, always? Let me think. Oh God, there’s so many. What’s that one by the Rolling Stones? ‘Brown Sugar’ is it? I think that, ‘Oh Girl’ — what is that one called anyway? Anything by the Stones.

Wright: ‘Honky Tonk Woman,’ hell yeah!

Hughes: (eyes light up) Yeah! ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ – yeah, that one. That will make me dance anywhere in the underground.

What was on the walls of your childhood bedroom?

Hughes misunderstood the question at first, describing her wallpaper. Wright piped up that she should be asked this question so Hughes then posed the question to Wright, who understood the assignment.

Wright: Ralph Macchio! I was obsessed — OBSESSED with The Karate Kid. I was madly in love.

Everyone starts laughing as Hughes chimed in she wanted to answer it.

Hughes: It was David Cassidy.

Wright (amused): I had Shaun Cassidy.

Hughes: You did?

Wright: And I know him now. I had a nightgown with his face on it and I go, ‘Is that weird that I’m now friends with you?’

Hughes: I had David Cassidy. I had the Monkees. Yeah, Monkees – I was so in love with The Monkees. and Starsky & Hutch. And I made my grandmother knit me a sweater just like Starsky.

Who would be your dream director to work for?

My dream director to work for – Miranda July.