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GENERAL HOSPITAL's James Patrick Stuart (Valentin): Me Vs. My Character

James Patrick Stuart


Who is more comfortable in a tux, you or Valentin? “Valentin, definitely. The irony is that I’m wearing a tux right now, but just because it’s laundry day tomorrow.”

Who takes longer to get ready in the morning? “Valentin. And also my wife.”

Who is better in a crisis? “I’m pretty good in a crisis. Well, it depends if there’s actual gun play involved and then I would say Valentin. But in terms of an emotional crisis, I can be pretty rational. So I’d probably say me.”

Who is more comfortable speaking Greek? “Well, I think you know the story, that when I first joined GENERAL HOSPITAL, I had to do like a page of dialogue on day three, and at the bottom of the page it said in parentheses ‘in Greek’ — and then I realized that everything that I had just read, I was supposed to say in Greek! Nobody gave me any warning! So I went home, I memorized it off, like, Rosetta Stone or something, I just memorized it phonetically the best I could, and I say this monologue and one of the actors playing one of the Greek henchmen on Cassadine Island comes up to me and says, ‘You’re very good. However, you’re not saying anything!’ I can only imagine what it must have sounded like to him. It must have sounded like nails on a chalkboard!”

Who is more fun at parties? “Oh, me. Absolutely. Believe me, I’ve worked my whole life on that one! I’m pretty good at parties.”

Who do you think was wilder in their younger days? “I’m gonna say me. I should write a book! I sneaked into SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE one time. I claimed I was Ricky Paull Goldin [ex-Dean, ANOTHER WORLD et al]! He’s a good guy to use as a get out of jail free card.”

Who is a better judge of character? “Probably Valentin. James Patrick Stuart tends to give everyone the, be the benefit of the doubt. I’m pretty naive. I tend to tell the truth pretty much all the time and I assume everybody is, also, which gets me in trouble.”

Who likely has a cleaner car interior? “Well, at the moment I have a bunch of lumber in my car, so I’m going to go with Valentin on this one.”

Who’s a better liar? “Valentin. Definitely.”

Who would have a more entertaining TikTok? “I think that would be me. I don’t have one, but I should. It would be mostly shark pictures and children’s stories, but it would still be pretty good!”

Who is a bigger softie? “Oh, me. Absolutely. Believe me, my wife will tell you. It’s ridiculous. When Valentin had to play a song at the Nurses’ Ball, pretty much all the producers were like, ‘This is gonna ruin the character!’ That’s where James Patrick Stuart definitely shines through the Valentin cracks. Big softie over here, yeah! And I absolutely love to go to sad movies by myself, or at least I did pre-Covid. I went to see The Bridges of Madison County and I sobbed like a baby. I loved it! It was so much fun.”

Who is more athletic? “I’m gonna say that’s a tie. Valentin and I both lift weights, but we should probably do more cardio.”

Who is likelier to embarrass their kids? “Well, that would be me. I mean, that’s kind of my hobby.”

Who’s a better flirt? “I’d say Valentin is a pretty good flirt. I enjoy flirting as Valentin. I can’t really get away with much flirting these days! My wife would say, ‘You’re too old to take yes for an answer!’ ”

Who gets along better with their family of origin? “That’s a very close one. I’m going to say me, but just by a hair.”