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Soap Faves Become First-Time Grandparents

Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, DAYS) and her husband, Scott Reeves (ex-Steven, GH et al) became first-time grandparents on July 25 when daughter, Emily, welcomed a son, Woods McClain Smith. “There are no words to explain our joy and gratefulness that the Lord is entrusting this bundle of sweetness to our family,” she posted. Scott added, “God has blessed our family abundantly and I don’t take one bit of that for granted. Becoming grandparents has only deepened my conviction for growing in the Lord and being the best example of Christ that I can be for this little guy and I can’t wait to spoil the daylights out of him. We are already so in love with him it’s unexplainable. Woods McClain Smith, you have rocked Sweet Mama(@missyreeves) and Papa G’s(me;)) world!” Congratulations to the family! Check out a pic of the new addition