Quick Take With Sofia Mattsson

What did you think when you found out that Sasha was going to start using drugs to cope with her stress? “My first reaction was excitement, because I knew it would be a fun and different challenge to portray as an actress. But then that also got mixed with some sad feelings for Sasha, who despite having good intentions seems to put herself in one bad situation after another.”

Was it intimidating at all to play Sasha all coked up? “It wasn’t intimidating, but I knew it was going to be a challenge, for sure! Thankfully, I’ve never experienced anything like it in real life so I definitely had to do some research. I tried to find videos of real addicts, rather than [borrowing from] other portrayals, and I also did a lot of reading about the symptoms and feelings behind it.”

Were you nervous about how the fans might respond? “Yes! But that’s nothing new for me; Sasha is always teetering on the line between right and wrong so I’m usually nervous about how the fans will respond and what they’ll think of me.”

You’ve gotten such great reviews from viewers! What does that mean to you? “The response has been so nice and it makes me so happy! Our fans really are the best. I love how supportive they are. I also know that they’re very honest and hard to win over at times, so that adds extra joy when I get a positive response. I’m so grateful for all their nice comments — every single one means so much to me and really brightens my day every time.”

What were the hardest scenes from this storyline for you? “My hardest one was also my most fun one. As an actor it’s always really fun to portray something far from your real life. It was the scenes with Cyrus when I was high on drugs and had my heart attack. I had to switch emotions extremely fast, from euphorically happy to furiously upset and eventually have a heart attack, all within seconds of each other. It was a fun, but hard, roller coaster.”

While Sasha was comatose, Michael was at her side. What do you think that means to her, to know he does still care about her and was at her side even before he knew she never cheated on him? “I think it means the world to her! She’s still madly in love with Michael, and no matter what that meant for their relationship I think she loves the fact that he still cares about her.”

The truth about Sasha and Chase’s “affair” is finally out. Do you think Sasha wants to get back together with Michael, if he is able to forgive her? “Yes, absolutely. I think Sasha is very much ‘ride or die’ in her relationships — a little too literally sometimes — and the love that she has for Michael is not one that will go away easily. I’m a hopeless romantic, too, so I love and can relate to that unconditional and unwavering kind of deep love.”

Meanwhile, you’ve been working a lot with Jeff Kober (Cyrus) and Johnny Wactor (Brando). How has that been? “It’s amazing! Not only is Jeff extremely talented and interesting to act with in scenes, but he’s such a nice and down-to-earth guy. He has a very calming presence. He’s been teaching me a bit about meditation, and we also have a passion for business in common. Johnny is just as sweet as you can imagine! Working with him is such a joy and he makes me laugh a lot. He’s also incredibly hard-working and ambitious, which is something I absolutely love and admire.”