Quick Take With Annika Noelle

What was your first reaction when you heard Deacon was coming back? “I was really excited because I know in passing over the years, both Sean [Kanan, Deacon] and I have been asked, ‘Would Deacon ever come back? Does Hope want to see her dad?’ We have both expressed interest in having that kind of storyline and the fact that it is coming to fruition is exciting.”

What do you want to see come of this story? “I think it’s going to add a lot of new depth and twists and turns.”

What are you most looking forward to playing? “I think it’s good that Hope has a [story] layer that has nothing to do with a romantic interest. I’m really excited that she gets to explore her relationship with her father some more. There are a lot of great nuggets there.”

Were you surprised to learn that Hope had been communicating with her dad while he was in jail? “Yes and no. It makes total sense. When Hope thought she lost Beth, she wasn’t always with Liam during that time. There were different things going on in her life. I think it was just a daughter craving the love and affection from a father and I think she was protective of that, regardless of the bad things he’s done in the past. We all know if anyone is going to give Deacon another shot, it’s going to be Hope.”

Since Hope and Liam have been happy for a while, this certainly ups the conflict. “I think it’s the same recurring circumstances they’ve had throughout their relationship, where Hope wants to believe the best in people and wants to believe people are redeemable and can work on themselves and they can change. We’ve seen that with Thomas, and Hope believes they can see that with Deacon, but that’s where the conflict arises, not just with Liam but with her mother and Ridge and everyone else around her. Hope truly believes that he’s had time to take the onus for his past mistakes. She could have probably done a better job at preparing everyone [about his return] but at the same time, she had no idea it was going to happen as quickly as it did.”

What’s Hope’s endgame here? “Ideally, she just wants to have a good relationship with her father and ideally, she wants to believe he can be a changed man and he can be a good person because it is her dad, and that’s very important to her. So, we’ll see whether or not Deacon flies or falls.”