Quick Take With Mishael Morgan

"The Young and the Restless" Set

Credit: JPI

What was your reaction when you learned that Hilary would be taking over GC BUZZ?

“I was super-excited! Hilary’s judgment and actions have been questioned many times since she came to Genoa City, but she’s a woman who goes after what she wants, so to finally have success for her, I thought was great. She’s calling the shots now and I’m really happy that Y&R gave me this opportunity to play an empowered woman.”

Did you think it’s in line for Hilary to jump into another relationship so quickly?

“Yes, 100 percent! I would say the words Hilary lives by are, ‘The quickest way to get over someone is to get under someone else [laughs].’ Her relationship with Devon was such a big part of her identity, so I think she needs a distraction from that.”

How do you like working with Darnell Kirkwood (Jordan)?

“I love working with him. He’s awesome. You always worry when someone new comes in that they might shake up the mojo you’ve got going, but we all hit it off with Darnell right away. He’s hardworking and very professional.”

Does it seem weird to you not to work with Bryton (James, Devon) as much as you used to?

“We’re still in some scenes together, but, yeah, it’s a little weird because we’ve been each other’s sidekick for a while. But not working with Bryton every day doesn’t take away from anything we have as friends because we still see each other. I love that Y&R gave us the opportunities to have adventures with different characters.”

Do you think Hilary is over Devon?

“No, I don’t think Hilary will ever be over Devon, but knowing that Hilary and Devon are always going to have a back-and-forth, there’s always somewhere to go back to.”

How do you like the added dynamic that Mariah is dating Devon?

“I think it’s fun and it adds another level for us to play. I saw it coming from a mile away because they were giving Mariah and Devon too many opportunities to bad talk about how crazy Hilary is. Bryton and Camryn [Grimes, Mariah] were like, ‘No, they wouldn’t do that,’ but I was right! I do like how this puts a little wrinkle in Mariah and Hilary’s work relationship, but I think they’ve become friends in a twisted way.”

How do you feel for the “Hevon” fans that they’ve split?

We have a lot of amazing fans and they’re so dedicated to them as a couple, but one thing I have to say, that I really appreciate, a lot of them have come out to say that they’re fans of me, as well. They’ve been supportive of Jordan to a certain extent. They’re like, ‘Yeah, Hilary can go and have fun,’ but at some point they believe that Hilary and Devon will end up back together, so I think they’re holding out hope, but they’ve actually been open to the idea of Jordan coming in. I think the fans are okay as long as ‘Hevon’ isn’t completely destroyed. Even though I’m really excited as an actor to play this other side, I do feel sorry for the fans because I know they’re going through a period of mourning. But I still believe there will be a huge payout in the end.”