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Nancy Lee Grahn Speaks Out On Haley Pullos Behind Bars

nancy lee grahn, haley pullos from general hospital.


Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) has been vocal about sticking up for the actress who played her daughter, Molly, since she was 10 years old. Digest reported that Haley Pullos received three months of jail time at the end of April for the drunk driving accident she was involved in a year ago — after pleading no contest to the charge of driving under the influence and causing bodily injury. The Daytime Emmy-winning actress spoke to Pullos on Monday and updated her followers with the following:

“For those who wished for Haley to be punished with no exceptional treatment, u’ll be relieved to know that she’s in Max security solitary confinement along side hardened criminals. She’s isolated except for 1 hr a day where she has phone privileges.. today with me…” she began.

“I couldn’t have been more impressed with her strength, her resolve, her accountability. NOT ONE COMPLAINT. Not one ‘Why me’ She’s taking it all and it’s ALL beyond horrible… with stoicism & grace. I am SO incredibly proud of her. And I’d like to add that the guards and deputies at Lynwood prison couldn’t have been nicer. Special shout out to Warren. I’d also like to add that much of what you read about her was not true. She’s always been respectful, an A student, never got into a lick of trouble ever & made a terrible terrible mistake 1 night,” she wrote.

“She voluntarily went straight into only rehab that’d take her with serious injuries for 6 wks, not because it was a ‘country club’ as it was reported. I found it for her. It cost her every penny she had & then into sober living for 2 months. Daily therapy until now. That $400 blouse the rag narrative made it sound like she coveted over injured lives was borrowed from wardrobe and she was completely incoherent so the narrative that she was a spoiled brat mouthing off to police was meant to get clicks.

“The hit and run??? She hit a car which immediately made her hit another. Horrendous enough without making it seem like she hit a car and then the entitled celeb intentionally, willfully, ran off & then hit another… was intentionally reported falsely to rile you 4 clicks. It is hard to discern the truth when the media is for sale. What’s true is Hayley drank excessively and got in a car. She is paying for that while at the same time assisting her victim in getting as much compensation as possible. Thank God all party’s have and will survive,” she wrote, finishing her thread.

Several followers wrote responses and Grahn answered many of them back. You can see the thread in its entirety on her official X (formerly Twitter) account.