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Calendar Boy: Bill Spencer Jr.

2009: Bill Spencer, Sr. passed away, which brought Bill, Jr. to L.A. Bill initially expressed an interest in Donna, even though she was married to Eric. Bill met Katie. When she got drunk, Bill did right by her and kept her safe and sound. Bill then focused his business acumen on acquiring Forrester Creations.

2010: Bill encouraged Donna to divorce Eric and take half of his shares of Forrester Creations.

2011: Though married to Katie, Bill had feelings for Steffy and the pair made out on several occasions.

2012: Bill fretted when Liam wanted to marry Hope. Bill insisted pregnant Katie have an abortion to protect her health, but she refused. Bill plotted to spring Deacon from jail in order to interrupt Hope and Liam’s nups.

2013: Bill schemed to keep Rick away from Maya, since his niece, Caroline, was in love with him, and tried to console Liam after Steffy miscarried.

2014: After a messy split, Bill reclaimed Spencer Publications from Katie. Bill proposed to Brooke and whisked her to Dubai for a wedding. Quinn sabotaged the nups by sending Ridge to halt the ceremony.

2015: Bill gave orders to Justin to print a salacious story about Maya being transgender.

2016: Brooke brought a dress for Katie to the Spencer manse and encountered a towel-clad Bill in the bedroom. At the sight of Brooke, Katie assumed the worst and was tempted to drink but resisted.

2017: Bill was fixated on obtaining the Spectra building in order to build a new high-rise. He and Brooke married in his living room.

2018: Bill’s interest in Steffy resurfaced, and he set it up so Wyatt would think that Steffy was seeing him behind Liam’s back.

2019: Katie was not sure if Bill was sincere about wanting to be with her and tasked Shauna with trying to seduce Bill. He refused to give in to her advances.

2021: Bill urged a guilt-ridden Liam to keep quiet that he was the one who ran Vinny down.

Calendar Boy: Liam Spencer

2011: Liam and Hope split, but he was determined to reunite with her. Tawny’s daughter, Amber, wanted Liam for herself and was pretending that he was the father of her unborn child, so Tawny intercepted text messages Liam sent to Hope and replied as Hope, successfully convincing Liam that he and Hope were truly over. Liam agreed to move in with Amber.

2012: Liam sought an annulment from Steffy so that he could be with Hope. After an emotional walk down memory lane with Steffy during Aspen Fashion week, he tore up the annulment papers she had signed, but back in L.A., he moved forward with a divorce, and he and Hope planned to wed.

2013: Liam was heartbroken when Steffy’s motorcycle accident resulted in her miscarrying their child, but nursed reservations about trying for another baby and pondered resuming his relationship with Hope.

2014: Quinn plotted to keep Liam and Hope apart so that her son, Wyatt, could be with Hope. When she locked him in the steam room at Forrester, he threatened to press charges if she pulled another stunt.

2015: Liam and Wyatt debated the ethics of exposing Maya’s transgender secret as part of their effort to oust Rick and Maya from power at Forrester. Bill ignored their misgivings and published Maya’s story. When Ridge subsequently took the reins at Forrester, he named Liam as vice president.

2016: Liam wrestled with adjusting to normal life after having spent months as an amnesiac who believed he was married to Quinn. Despite Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage, Liam warned Wyatt that he was going to fight for her.

2017: Liam found out that Bill had written the negative review of Sally’s collection to sink Spectra. Bill fumed when Liam refused to stay silent.

2018: Liam decided to give his marriage to pregnant Steffy another chance despite her indiscretion with Bill and his pull to Hope, then concluded that he couldn’t trust Steffy’s connection to Bill and asked Hope to marry him. Liam and Steffy chose Kelly as the name for their unborn daughter. Liam had his marriage to Steffy annulled, but Wyatt interrupted Liam and Hope’s nuptials to reveal to Liam that Bill had faked an ongoing affair with Steffy to split up Liam and Steffy.

2019: Wyatt revealed to Liam that Thomas was scheming to destroy Liam and Hope’s relationship. Hope ultimately decided to end her marriage to Liam in order to be a mother to Thomas’s young son, Douglas.

2021: Liam mourned the loss of Vinny, guilt-ridden over keeping the secret that he’d run Vinny down. He and Hope became lovers again and he confessed his role in Vinny’s death.