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Lauralee Bell and Michael Damian On 40 Years of Y&R's Danny & Cricket

lauralee bell, michael damian

Howard Wise/

Then And Now: Lauralee Bell and Michael Damian came into one another’s Y&R orbits 40 years ago today as Danny and Cricket.

Although Y&R’s Christine “Cricket” Blair” was a die-hard Danny Romalotti fan before they even met, it was 40 years ago today, June 25, 1984, that the teen model was formally introduced to the swoon-worthy rock star in person. Their friendship evolved into a love story that dominated the ’80s and ’90s. TV Insider marked the milestone anniversary with a joint video interview, along with vintage clips, that demonstrate the electric connection shared by the duo’s portrayers, Lauralee Bell (Christine) and Michael Damian (Danny).

When they first began working together, Bell recalled with a laugh, she was a teenager and “I spoke with in a very high-pitched, kind of like ‘helium’ voice.’ ” Damian remembered Bell commenting on his hairspray-heavy locks, telling him, ” ‘You have big hair!’ “Bell offered that she thinks she and Damian clicked because “clearly, we have the same stupid sense of humor.”

As they reminisced about the early days of their working relationship, Damian noted, “I think I had an earring then, which I don’t think your dad [Y&R Creator/former Head Writer William J. Bell] liked.” He laughed, “He asked me to get rid of it.” Touching her own earrings, Bell countered, “I just got more holes in my ears so he probably wouldn’t like that, either.”

Working together all these years later, Damian shared, felt “organic … like time stood still.” Bell stressed that she and Damian were grateful for the longevity of their association on the show, observing, “It just doesn’t happen — really, only on soaps.”

For both actors though, their collaboration through the years has been a source of pride and appreciation, even when the characters were with other people (his disastrous marriage to Phyllis; her long-running romance with Paul). Recently, the popular couple reunited, which culminated in them declaring their love for each other, before leaving for his international tour.

Bell also shared what fans are telling her the duo’s reunion means to them. ” ‘This is reminding me of my childhood. I used to watch this with my mom. I used to watch this with my grandma. She would freak out that you guys are back together!’ All of that. That’s what makes this incredible and we don’t take that for granted.”