ICYMI: Don Diamont Interview

"The Bold and the Beautiful" Set Thanksgiving

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2017 was a hell of a year for B&B’s boorish billionaire Bill Spencer, and playing his many highs and lows was a joy for his portrayer, Don Diamont. “I’ve never been more satisfied in my professional career than I am right now,” declares the actor. “The stories I’ve had over the last several years, which all led to the current story, have been wonderful. It’s uplifting when you’re working with, and across from, such talented people who really bring it. It elevates your game. I hope I do the same for them, but it’s been extraordinarily gratifying.”

Bill’s extraordinary annal began when, after years of stops and starts, he tenderly reunited with “soul mate” Brooke in Australia and the pair finally got hitched — only to split mere months later. “The ‘Brill’ fans are irate and I get it,” he notes. “I really do. They feel cheated. The couple got married in the living room, you never saw them on a honeymoon and then boom, it blows up. You hardly even saw us together after they married. And then, she broke up with him three times, the last being right after the explosion that nearly killed Liam and Sally.”

Apart from any personal disappointment about Bill’s union going down in flames, Diamont points out that it opened the door for “Still” fans, who after years of waiting, got their wish when Bill and Steffy hooked up. “Coming back around to Steffy is a lot of fun, and something I wanted to see happen,” he shares. “Jacqui [MacInnes Wood, Steffy] is at the top of her game. She has been outstanding through the story and without her being as wonderful as she has been, we’d have no story. She’s been killing it.”

Diamont still marvels at the path his bombastic alter ego has taken since his arrival in 2009. “When I came to the show, he was pretty much an island,” Diamont recalls. “And generally speaking, you need to attach to family if you’re going to stick around. So I knew that, ultimately, would be important. If the character took off as an individual, there would be romantic involvement, followed by the potential of kids, and then a family built around the character. I understand the medium. The Spencers became dynastic. I could not have predicted that.”


Nevertheless, it gives him great pride that Bill has become such an integral part of the canvas. “I certainly came to the show with goals in mind, and Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] had high hopes for the character,” states Diamont. “He was very invested and wanted to see Bill be that sort of planetary character who just sucks the air out of the room when he enters it. I had such an appreciation for Brad giving me the opportunity. He created this character and guided his trajectory with all these great stories over the years and because of that, I wanted to bring this guy to life in a dynamic way. He wanted Bill to be a force, so I’m supremely happy that I was able to accomplish that with Brad — and for Brad. That’s the truth.”

Diamont’s home life is a far cry from Bill’s, as he and wife  Cindy juggle the schedules of their big brood. “So much of our time still revolves around the kids,” he chuckles. “But it’s been a very gratifying time. I like seeing my kids happy and prospering and enjoying their lives. When they’re happy, that makes Cindy and me happy.”

Sign Of The Times
Diamont’s wife, Cindy, is a Realtor to the stars, and the pair began filming comedic vignettes about him helping her put up her open house signs. The actor posts them on his Instagram page as part of a series of marketing videos for Cindy’s business. “I actually do help her out with her signs when I can,” he explains. “Sometimes she’ll have three in a day, so I’ll drive around town putting out her signs. I call myself ‘The Sign Bitch.’ But unlike the videos, it’s not something I begrudgingly do. I happily do it. So, this ongoing joke has become a series of marketing videos, and we’ve got ideas for more. It’s been a fun project for us to do together.”


Birthday: December 31

Hails From: New York, NY


Happy Wife, Happy Life: Married Cindy Ambuehl (ex-Amy, B&B) on June 12, 2012, in Èze, France.

Boyz II Men: Diamont’s brood includes Lauren, 29; Sasha, 26; Alexander, 22; Luca, 17 and twins Anton and Davis, 14. “Luca, Anton and Davis are all in high school and all play sports, so there are games on weekends, practices after school. Anton plays football; Davis is a basketball player. Alexander just got his degree from Indiana University [where he made national headlines as a quarterback on a football scholarship] in three-and-a-half years, so it’s onward and upward for him. Luca, as far as quarterbacking is concerned, is a supremely talented kid and following in Alexander’s footsteps.”

Grandfather Clause: Diamont is looking forward to the day his kids have kids. “Cindy and I keep saying, ‘For God’s sake, before we get everybody out of the house, we’ll have grandchildren!’ But I more than welcome it. That’ll be a

My Boys: Diamont cherishes his screen time with Scott Clifton (Liam) and Darin Brooks (Wyatt). “They’re such good guys. Open hearts. Open minds. Collaborative natures. There are  no individual agendas. Egos are never an issue. It’s a cumulative effort to make every scene as real and truthful as we can. They’re not just good actors; they’re smart actors.”