ICYMI - Christie Clark Interview

Credit: JPI

Christie Clark returns to DAYS this week as Carrie, and checked in with Digest while traveling the world with husband Thomas Barnes, and their three daughters, Hannah, 9, Emma, 7, and Charlotte, 4. 


Soap Opera Digest: When did you get the call to come back? 

Clark: Many actors put their names in the hat when they heard Ron [Carlivati, head writer] and Sheri [Anderson, creative consultant] were coming to the show. I was one of those actors, and we had been talking here and there about returning. Then my husband and I decided to take the kids out of school and travel the world for nine months, so I let DAYS know our departure date and they set something up before we left.


Digest: What was your reaction? 

Clark: Thrilled that I get to wear Carrie’s boots again before we departed on our big trip. Got a little dose of acting, which is always satisfying.


Digest: What was it like your first day back? 

Clark: Always the same! Imagine your first day back at school naked.


Digest: Do you like coming in for visits? 

Clark: Absolutely. I miss this world and dream of it often. It’s so much fun to pretend.


Digest: What’s the best part? 

Clark: Diving into a part that you’ve spent half your life thinking about. Then you get to open the next chapter of her book and see where she’s at. For me that’s incredibly thrilling.


Digest: Carrie comes back to help her parents out of a legal jam. What is her first reaction when she hears Roman and Anna have been arrested? 

Clark: No! My dream has come true. Real parents have found their way back to each other and now they are both in prison? This won’t do. Here comes super-lawyer/fragile daughter Carrie to the rescue!”


Digest: Carrie also has scenes with Rafe. How does she know he slept with Sami? 

Clark: Sami was sure to let Carrie in on that info. Since Carrie had a thing for Rafe, Sami would love to rub that in. Their conversation is a mixed bag of, “How could you on so many levels? Sami again? Hope? And what about me?”


Digest: Was it fun to have scenes with Galen again? Do you like that they touched on the Carrie/Rafe dynamic? 

Clark: Sure thing! Galen, Patrick [Muldoon, ex-Austin] and I had a ton of fun working together a few years back. Lots of laughs. I love when the writers touch on any dynamic from the past. It’s what most actors would do even if it wasn’t written. It makes things more alive!


Digest: What were your scenes with Josh [Taylor, Roman] and Leann [Hunley, Anna] like? 

Clark: Unbelievable. I’ve been waiting for these scenes for 30-some years. I wish we could have gotten to the heart of it a bit more and really made the audience cry. I’m a sucker for those type of scenes, but it was more comedic. Leann is a genius when playing these scenes. Just follow her lead and surf the wave together. And it’s always a joy to work with Josh. We’ve worked together on and off since 1986! Love my DAYS peeps!



Digest: Tell me about your trip! When did you decide to do it? 

Clark: It’s been in the cards for a long time. My husband and I met traveling and we both adore it. Then we had three kids and haven’t traveled as much as we’d like. We pulled the trigger the night before school fees were due. Taking the time to connect with our kids and see the world was too good to pass up.


Digest: How much planning went into it? 

Clark: We started daydreaming and a week later we were making things happen. I’m planning two months out. Figuring out India while we are in Colombia and such. This is my favorite kind of planning!


Digest: What are you doing? 

Clark: We are moving eastbound and staying in spots for about a month. Not a ton of fun to pack and unpack for little ones, so we are hunkering down and absorbing the spot we are in for a longer period. We will have traveled to 11 countries and five continents in the end!


Digest: How has it been, and where have you been? 

Clark: It’s been unbelievably awesome so far! There is always some cringeworthy kid/parent moment on an airplane or in a restaurant, but this is life and those moments make all the other moments golden! So far, we’ve been to Costa Rica, Panama (sailing in the San Blas Islands is a must for sailing types), Colombia, the U.K. (for Christmas), and we just landed in India! Everyone is digging trying new foods, see new things and learning about new cultures.


Digest: What has been your favorite place so far? 

Clark: Cartagena, Colombia! Absolutely stunning and stylish South American city.


Digest: Would you be open to making more DAYS appearances when you return? 

Clark: Something Bryan Dattilo [Lucas] always says springs to mind, but alas I can’t answer that question the way I would in my head. Here’s a clue. Similar to “Does a bear *!-# in the woods?”