Here Come The MAIDS

Brianna Brown JPI

The much-talked about prime-time sudser DEVIOUS MAIDS premieres this Sunday, June 23, on Lifetime, and Brianna Brown (Taylor; ex-Lisa, GH) gives Digest the scoop on her new alter ego. “My character is a trophy wife,” she says. “She’s very fancy and is concerned about things most people would never be concerned about with [laughs]. You will eventually find out that she has a secret from her past that she doesn’t want coming out, and she also ends up befriending her maid [UGLY BETTY’s Ana Ortiz, Marisol], who just so happens to have a job that our culture judges.” Currently on hiatus from MAIDS, Brown is co-executive producing and starring in a feature film with the industry group she founded, The New Hollywood. “We’re fundraising right now at for One Moment Please… ,” she enthuses. “We’re trying to raise money for the last portion of the film and then to finish up post production. I’m so proud of this project; it’s socially conscious filmmaking by female filmmakers, so check it out!” And, as if the actress weren't busy enough, L.A. residents can check her out onstage — tonight through Sunday — at The Blank Theatre in Hollywood, where Brown taking part in the 21st Annual Young Playwright's Festival. For more info, click here.

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