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GH Preview: Brook Lynn and Chase Get Married!


ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Wedding bells are ringing on General Hospital this week when Brook Lynn and Chase tie the knot in a grand affair befitting the Quartermaine princess and her detective prince! Digest caught up with the bride’s portrayer, Amanda Setton, to get the lowdown on what viewers can look forward to when the fan-favorite characters become husband and wife!

Brooklyn and Chase’s wedding day is finally here. How is she holding up that morning?

“She is so not nervous. It’s a miracle. I think she’s just so in love with Chase and knows that it’s so right. She doesn’t have any nerves. It’s even a plot point. She says it like three times.”

What can viewers expect from the wedding?

“A quintessential, big, long, detailed, beautiful, elaborate soap opera wedding. It really feels like a throwback to the good old days. We were so lucky that the writers and Frank [Valentini, GH’s executive producer] included tons of characters from all parts of Port Charles. It’s really amazing to see everybody come together on such a happy occasion.”

What is Brook Lynn looking forward to the most about being Chase’s wife?

“She’s getting her fairytale for now. I mean, we’ll see what happens — it is Port Charles after all. But I think it’s a really satisfying payoff for the fans of Chase and Brook Lynn. It’s been a very slow build for four and a half years and they are finally going to get a really loving, beautiful, elaborate, deep vows wedding moment, watching these two characters finally come together.”

They had a pretty long engagement as far as soap relationships go. Are you glad the show took their time and didn’t rush it?

“No, I think it was just right. I genuinely do. I think there was just enough push and pull. You know, Josh [Swickard, Chase] and I have often said that that was some of the most fun stuff to play, all the missed moments and the gazes and the staring and the almost-kisses. That tension is just so delicious to play. I loved the whole buildup and then the, are they gonna make it or are they not? And then they break up and then they get back together and then they get engaged? It’s been a real ride for the audience and for us.”

Tracy gives Brook Lynn something that had belonged to Lila. What can you share about that moment?

“Tracy gives Brooklyn something that’s very sentimental that belonged to Lila. I think for Brook Lynn, it was a genuine moment of gratitude that here she has this grandmother, who she deeply respects and in a lot of ways looks up to, passing the baton to the next generation of Quartermaine women. As Brook Lynn is getting married and starting her life, Tracy is giving her stamp of approval by giving something that had belonged to her mother to her granddaughter. It was just such a beautiful moment. And then as a fan of the show, it just felt so humbling to be a part of that legacy.”

The wedding is a blend of Port Charles and the “Bensonhurst Brigade” when Lois’s relatives arrive in town. What is that chaos like?

“Oh, yes, they do! It is so fun. Grandma Gloria comes, Grandpa Carmine, and aunts and cousins… some characters get introduced onto the landscape. It creates a lot of fun energy and a definite yin and yang to Chase’s more reserved, smaller family to this massive Cerullo and Falconeri brigade.

We know Brook Lynn’s cousin Gio, who is played by newcomer Giovanni Mazza, will be introduced at the wedding.

“He’s so wonderful and he’s such a good actor. He’s so excited to be here and grateful for the opportunity. He’s been such a wonderful addition to the family.”

There’s a bit of a situation when Gregory struggles at the wedding. How does the bride handle that?

“She really looks to Chase. She’s taking her lead from Chase. Of course, she’s concerned about Gregory and his well-being and his health. But she is taking Chase’s lead. She wants to see what her partner is gonna do in the situation and he handles it perfectly.”

[Swickard walks into Setton’s dressing room.] 

“Josh is here! Do you have any questions for the groom?”

[She hands over the phone to him.]

Hi, Josh. Amanda and I are chatting about Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding. Anything you would like to share?

Swickard: “The bride is always right. Tell me where to go. Just nod your head and smile and toss the wallet to her when they give you a certain look. That’s all it is (laughs). I’m so excited for the viewers to be able to see what we filmed. It’s an epic set of scenes, and we’re really proud of them. We really want everybody to see it and, hopefully, like it.”

Thank you. I’m sorry to put you on the spot, but thank you.

Setton: “You didn’t put Josh on the spot. I did!”