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Fitness Wrap: Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton (Liam, B&B) offers his get-fit secrets


“I don’t have a typical eating day. It’s different every day but I give myself rules about the confines of what I can eat. Everybody does different things that work for them. Some people fast, some count calories. For me, a ketogenic diet works, where I minimize carbohydrates and sugars and am living off protein and good fat. I like it because it’s the least amount of thinking. What’s hard for me is, I love the feeling of a really full stomach and I’m sometimes denying myself that. You can still do a keto diet and get full, but try smaller meals and not eating until you feel full, and avoid carbohydrates and sugar. Whenever we sit down for dinner and I’m cooking or my wife is cooking, it’s always a protein, a green vegetable and then a starch like rice or bread. I tend to eat the protein and the vegetable and I just don’t eat the carbs, so it’s a very normalized thing. Whenever you are ready, whenever you feel like it, every day is a new day. When it comes to eating healthier, we tend to flog ourselves and punish ourselves if we don’t do exactly what we plan to do. Just remember, every new day is available to you to change your habits.”


“It always helps when you exercise with another person. My best friend is a damn good personal trainer and he lives right across the street from Television City [where B&B shoots], and three days a week, I will go and train with him. Monday is shoulders and core, Wednesday is legs and Friday is chest and back, and I have a routine. It’s 9 a.m. each of those days, and that’s how it works. Also, there is a gym right near my house. I enjoy going there and running on the treadmill. I do some cardio, and there is a psychological aspect to it. Do what makes you feel good, what feels rewarding. But don’t forget the motivation paradox because the best motivation is seeing results, but you don’t get that motivation until you do the work to get to that motivation. You have to make yourself willingly participate in suffering without inspiration, but if you can do that for a certain amount of time until you start to see results, those results become your motivation to keep going. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in a long time and my goal is to maintain. Oh, and don’t forget to think outside the box. I don’t watch fitness videos but the closest thing I do with my son as an activity is this YouTube channel called Cosmic Kids Yoga. It is a fun cartoon-y thing and we will do yoga together. It’s fun, and it’s getting us both into a healthy behavior.”