Exclusive! Linsey Godfrey Dishes About B&B Return

"The Bold and the Beautiful" 30th Anniversary Party

Credit: Steven Bergman

Linsey Godfrey, who reported back to work today as B&B’s Caroline, admits that she wasn’t expecting to get the call to return to the soap. No sooner than the actress, who had last been seen on screen in October 2016, announced to Digest that she had no future dates scheduled for the soap, she got an email to come back. “It was such a shock and such a pleasant surprise, but I definitely didn’t anticipate it,” Godfrey admits. She says was thrilled to walk back on set. “It was great,” Godfrey enthuses. “B&B is always my home and they’re always my family, so it just felt really good to see people who I haven’t seen in a while because they’re working and life is hectic and I live pretty far away from everybody.” Godfrey received overwhelming support from her co-stars on day one. “I was in John McCook’s [Eric] room and he had left me a note, which was really sweet, saying that he was happy I was back and was getting his room,” she shares. “It was good to see Thorsten [Kaye, Ridge] and Rena [Sofer, Quinn] and all the people that I keep in touch with. I got a text from Heather Tom [Katie] and people who weren’t on set that saw that I was on set, so it was really, really so lovely. Not that I don’t think they don’t love me, but it was so unexpected that everybody was so pleased and excited. It felt so nice. I’m so sensitive lately that I feel I might cry about everything [laughs].” Godfrey reveals that she had some jitters before filming. “It was super-nerve-wracking. It felt like my first time all over again. Suddenly, I was like, ‘Whoa.’ I forget how many people are on a soap stage. It felt so new and it was exciting in that way, too, because it was kind of like starting over again.” Expect to see Caroline back for a few episodes. “At the end of the day, even if it was just for one episode, I would be so happy and so grateful and so exited that I just got to come in and see everybody and work with them again,” she reflects. “It’s one thing to come in and visit, but to get to play with them, that felt really great. I’m very excited that it happened to be more than one.” She is also grateful for the positive fan feedback that she’s gotten. “I just say thank you to the fans who stuck by me and were so supportive. I hope they’re super-excited about me coming back and to let everybody know!”