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Daytime Emmy Preview!

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Credit: Gilles Toucas/Courtesy Of Bell-Phillip Television Inc

Outstanding Supporting Actress


Marla Adams (Dina, Y&R)

Congratulations on your first Daytime Emmy nomination. “Thank you. After 50 years in this business, I say it’s about time!”

What was your reaction when you found out? “I was overjoyed. They gave me this wonderful storyline that I so wanted to keep authentic. I have heard from thousands of people who are the caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s and they are the true heroes. If I should be lucky enough to win an Emmy, it will be for them. They inspire me with their stories.”

Will you have an acceptance speech ready just in case? “Well, I will be very on point if I give an acceptance speech. I’ve been in soaps for decades but they still only give you 60 seconds, so everybody better get out of the way, because I want to say more than, ‘Hello, thanks a million and good-bye!’ ”

Do you know what you’ll be wearing on awards night? “Yes, it’ll be haute couture, courtesy of Y&R wardrobe. I love Dina’s wardrobe, so instead of going out and buying a dress, I’ll just borrow this navy blue dress. It’s conservative and goes down to the floor but it’s fitted. For jewelry, I told Tom in wardrobe, ‘I want a big statement piece with sapphires and diamonds,’ so, he’s looking for something with fake sapphires and diamonds for me.”

Are you bringing a date? “My kids are coming, my 58-year-old son and my 56-year-old daughter. They’re my best friends and they put up with this old dame as their mother.”


Camryn Grimes (Mariah, Y&R)

How did you find out about your nomination? “Hayley Erin [Kiki, GH]. We’re really good friends and I was sleeping in my dressing room because I was on a break. My phone was by my head and rang, so I answered it and Hayley screamed, ‘Congratulations!’ I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ and then I realized that I had slept through the announcements. Hayley said, ‘I’m so proud of you!’ and I said, ‘Thanks. Wait, did you get nominated?’ She said she had and I was super-thrilled.”

Who did you tell first? “My grandparents. They confused the days and I expected to hear from them first, but after an hour, I thought, ‘This is not like them. They’re usually on this.’ I called them and they just started going on about regular day stuff. I finally asked, ‘Have you checked Twitter at all? You should.’ So, I hung up and they called right back crying.”

What scenes did you submit? “Mariah confessing her feelings for Tessa to Sharon. Then the scene right after that, where Mariah goes to see Tessa.”

Are you excited that Cait Fairbanks (Tessa) also got nominated? “Very, very excited because I think it sends a great message to the people who are rooting for our story.”

Will you have an acceptance speech ready or just wing it? “I really don’t think I’ll win, so I won’t prepare anything but it’s always good to know the main people who you want to thank.”


Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie, DAYS)

The last time we spoke after the prenoms, you did not think you would be moving on. How did it feel to get the news? “It feels very surprising because I’m aware of the competition from my own show and I scarcely understand it. I am obviously very beholden to the writers who gave me a couple of good things to do this year and that’s what makes all the difference. I think anyone is capable of an outstanding performance with outstanding material and I got some! I’m really, really surprised. I couldn’t remember if it was my fourth or fifth nomination.”

It’s your fifth! “It is my fifth? I remember a couple of the losses very vividly! In the sunset of my career, to have this come up in the same year that we’re having such a delightful waltz with the lifetime achievement award [to be presented that night to her and husband Bill Hayes, Doug], either way it’s going to be a great night.”

What did you submit? “I submitted a scene with the character Chloe, which was kind of fun and upbeat and maybe a little catty. I had a lovely scene with Kristian [Alfonso, Hope], which was typical of the material I’ve been given in the past year, which is giving advice to the younger characters, which is appropriate at this point. I think Julie’s character doesn’t want to see the people she loves make the same mistakes she did, which should ring true with every family I know!”

What are you looking most forward to on Emmy night? “I’m looking forward to being there again! We haven’t gone to the Emmys in a long time. I’m looking forward to what I recall of the excitement of it.”


Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Chloe, Y&R)

How did you react to your nomination? “I was actually on vacation in Palm Beach [FL] and I was at lunch with my boyfriend, Rob, and his boss. To be honest, we were at lunch with Jimmy Buffett, so I didn’t know how to react. I thought it would be obnoxious to announce to the table that I was nominated for an Emmy. I quietly told my boyfriend, ‘I just got nominated,’ so he went, ‘Wow!’ and Jimmy was very excited for me when he found out.”

What scenes did you submit? “I started with some fun drunk scenes because I wanted something light and comedic since that’s sort of me. Then it went into my favorite scene when Chelsea confronts Chloe at the wedding about killing Adam, that then went into Chloe being on the run and telling Victor to get her out of town.”

Were you excited that Greg Rikaart was nominated? “I was thrilled because he didn’t have a lot of material over the last couple of years and it always killed me that he didn’t think he had anything worth submitting. I think that not only should he be nominated every year, but he should be winning every year. I was really excited that he got a nomination this year, especially when he was taken off contract.”

Will your boyfriend be escorting you on awards night? “He has to work at [New Orleans]Jazz Fest because Jimmy will be performing. I’m going to bring my mother and she’s very excited.”


Mishael Morgan (Hilary, Y&R)

How did you react to your Emmy nod? “I was shocked, then I felt blessed and honored to be included with these amazing women, whose work I respect. I watched Camryn [Grimes] when she was a little kid on the show and remember when she won her first Emmy. It’s surreal that I’m beside her in this category.”

Who was the first person you shared the news with? “My husband. I was on my way home when I found out, so I told him as soon as I got home. He was really happy for me.”

Will your husband be your escort on awards night? “Actually, no. I’m bringing my dad because he’s been pretty sick for the last couple of years and I don’t know if he’ll make it to another awards show.”

What scenes did you submit? “The scene after Devon drives off because he’s mad at Hilary. She’s been up all night worrying about him and Neil arrives to try and put her in her place. I also submitted where Hilary goes to the hospital after Devon’s accident and she feels really guilty for her part in how he got hurt, [and] when Hilary goes to Devon after Jordan releases her nude photos and she’s feeling vulnerable and exposed.”

Have you decided yet on what you’ll be wearing? “I’ve worked with a few designers over the years and they never steer me wrong, so I’ll see what they have in their closets for me. I usually aim for looking really different.”

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, B&B)

How did you find out you were nominated? “I was in the makeup room in the middle of getting my hair and makeup done and running lines. I think I had four episodes that day, about 70 pages of dialogue, and in the middle of all that, I looked up [to the monitors], and that’s when I saw THE TALK. It is always exciting when you have Sharon Osbourne saying your name!”

What scenes did you submit? “I chose the storyline that involved the affair with Bill from 2017, which led up to the events of 2018.”

This is your third nomination. Is the third time a charm? “Who knows? We shall see. It would be wonderful, and if it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I put in the work, and that’s all I can really do. If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.”

It’s your first time in the Supporting category. That must be gratifying. “Yes. I was nominated for two [awards] in Younger Actress, which is obviously a lot smaller [category], and then you dive into Supporting and there are so many people, the competition definitely shifts. I’m very honored to be a part of it.”

Who are you taking to the show? “Either one of my boyfriends: My fiancé, Elan [Ruspoli], or my gay BFF. They’re fighting for it.”

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