DAYS's Stephen Nichols (Steve) and Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) Reflect On Their Pairing

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Mary Beth Evans (Kayla)

What were your first impressions of Stephen Nichols?

“Who is this guy with the leather jacket, long hair and a patch?”

When did you first get a sense your pairing was working?

“Right from the very first day.”

Why do you think this couple has been so successful and resonated with fans?

“Stephen and I are very connected and very good friends. We trust each other and know absolutely that we have the freedom to give our characters our all.”

What do you think is the most difficult obstacle they’ve had to overcome?

“Being dead and more recently, blindness.”

Favorite supercouple storyline?

“I think Emily and Gideon, the Civil War love story.”

Favorite supercouple moment?

“There have been too many to count.”

Favorite wedding?

“I have always loved our wedding in the ’80s. It was so spectacular on a big ship, regaining my voice. But I loved the one we had last year. It was so intimate, so full of love for a couple that has loved each other for 30 years.”

Favorite wedding dress?

“The one on the ship — the ’80s rocked with the giant puffy sleeves!”

Favorite interloper?

“Matt Ashford [ex-Jack].”

Favorite location shoot?

“Charleston, South Carolina for the Emily/Gideon shoot.”

Favorite thing about working with Stephen?

“We work hard, we never, ever take these characters or our work on DAYS for granted. We rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, and then we try to be in the moment and connect. I love him.”


Stephen Nichols (Steve)

What were your first impressions of Mary Beth Evans?

“When she tested for the role of Kayla, I remember her exactly as she is today. Cute as a button, funny and totally honest. I liked her immediately.”

When did you first get a sense your pairing was working?

“I felt like it was working almost immediately. When we had that series of scenes in the Emergency Center, Patch teased Kayla relentlessly. Mary Beth gave as good as she got and then some. She was willing to work hard and go deep. We had so much time back then to rehearse and shape the scenes. We were so relaxed together and it was fun. Thirty-some years ago to this day, it is a joy having Mary Beth as my partner. That sweet dance continues.”

Why do you think this couple has been so successful and resonated with fans?

“From my point of view I think it is our connection as friends. We listen to one another and try to stay in the moment. We are free with our feelings and opinions and always tell each other the truth. I believe that true connection may be what resonates.”

What do you think is the most difficult obstacle they’ve had to overcome?

“One of the most difficult obstacles they have had to overcome was their struggle to come to terms with their son Joey’s decision to confess and go to prison. Steve was between a rock and a hard place trying to honor his son’s decision, watching his mother, Kayla, suffer over his choice, knowing that this could alienate Kayla permanently and be the end of them.”

What was your favorite supercouple storyline?

“The initial story — Kayla trying to break through his walls but Steve, with his tragic childhood, not trusting her for a long time. A big turning point was the Max and Frankie story, when Kayla got some insight into Steve’s heartbreak and his past. Another big turning point was when Steve’s family came to Salem and the audience and Kayla really got to see Steve’s heartbreak. Beautifully written, powerful story about domestic violence.”

Favorite supercouple moment?

“Kayla taking off the patch to treat Steve’s wounds after he was beat up. Steve having to trust her and then realizing she ‘didn’t even flinch.’ Also, Kayla’s drunk and Steve has to try to be a gentleman but she makes it very difficult. Fun, comedic scenes! Steve getting his memory back in 2006. He had to convince Kayla he was really back after he had rejected her because as Nick he was dating Billie and didn’t remember much about his past and was feeling too much pressure to be someone he didn’t remember.”

Favorite wedding?

“The first one on the yacht. Unknown to Kayla, Steve found Kayla’s childhood journal where she described her dream wedding — just like one she saw outside the fish market when she was little. Kayla got her speech back at the wedding. They rode off on the gondola.”

Favorite interloper?

“Favorites were Victor and Britta.”

Favorite location shoot?

“South Carolina for Emily and Gideon — it was all shot so beautifully. Boone Hall … Steve and Kayla also had a sweet picnic in the garden there.”

Favorite thing about working with Mary Beth?

“I love everything about working with Mary Beth especially when we get into an impossible laughing fit.”

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