A Look Back On Susan Lucci's Historic Win At The 1999 Daytime Emmys


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On May 21, 1999, ALL MY CHILDREN alum Susan Lucci (ex-Erica) snapped her famous losing streak at the Daytime Emmys by nabbing the Lead Actress award on her 19th try. Lucci’s first nomination came in 1978. She was then nominated again in 1981, and on the list every successive year except 1994.



During her emotional speech, she said, “The fact that you have thought that my work was worthy of notice … 19 times! … is something that I will treasure always…. To my children … to Liza and Andreas, I wasn’t meant to get this award before tonight because if I had, I wouldn’t have that collection of poems and letters and drawings and balloons and chocolate cakes you made me all this time to make me feel better…. I’m going back to that studio on Monday and I’m going to play Erica Kane for all she’s worth.”


Susan and Helmut


Every Little Step: During her speech, Lucci said, “To my husband Helmut Huber, who has been with me every step of the way.”


In the press room after she got offstage, Lucci marveled, “I really couldn’t believe it. I heard [Shemar Moore, ex-Malcolm, Y&R] say, ‘The streak is broken,’ and I thought, ‘What, what streak?’ I didn’t understand. I usually go a little numb. I started going numb a few years ago when they get to that part. I couldn’t believe they really said my name.”




Kiss Me: Lucci showed her golden girl some love.



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