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15 Things You Need to Know About Joey Buchanan

ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Joey is a member of one of Llanview’s most esteemed families, the Buchanans. Tom Degnan was recently cast in the much-recast role. Here’s what he — and viewers — should know about the character.1. Joseph Francis Riley Jr. was born onscreen on Jan. 8, 1980, soon after the death of his biological father, Joe Riley.

2. Clint Buchanan adopted Joey in 1982 after marrying Viki Lord Riley, Joey’s mother.

3. Joey lost his virginity to his mother’s nemesis Dorian Cramer Lord in the summer of 1994. To put an end to their relationship, Jean/Viki kidnapped Dorian, allowing her freedom only if she agreed to write Joey a note ending their relationship.

4. Joey’s next love was Dorian’s niece, Kelly.

5. In 1998, Joey fell madly in love with Barbara Graham. Barbara wasn’t interested in Joey, though, and even tried to run him down with her car to get closer to his brother.

6. Two of Joey’s former love interests — Kelly and Barbara — have fallen for his brother, Kevin, while they were still in relationships with Joey.

7. Before Degnan joined OLTL this year, the character of Joey Buchanan was played by seven different actors, including CASTLE star Nathan Fillion.

8. Joey had a one-night stand with barmaid Sophia to assuage his unrequited love for Kelly, who was about to marry Max. However, she left Max at the altar and returned to Joey. They would later share a brief marriage in 2000.
9. Joey moved to London in 2001 to live with his father, Clint, and work for Buchanan Enterprises.

10. Although he’s a businessman now, Joey also worked as a photographer. He even was an Episcopalian minister for a while.

11. Joey’s second marriage (2003-’04) with “bad girl” Jen dissolved when she grew bored in the role of a minister’s wife. It didn’t help that she had an affair with Rex.

12. While Joey longs to be a father, he doesn’t have any children.

13. Joey works as a business executive at Buchanan Enterprises in London.

14. In 2007, Joey briefly returned to Llanview for the funeral of his grandfather Asa, where he shared a tender moment with Dorian. (Fillion delighted his former castmates and OLTL fans by returning to the role for two days.)

15. Although everyone else calls him Joey, to Dorian he’s Joe.

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