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Y&R Recaps Week of Sept. 26, 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005
Brad and Victoria discussed Nikki’s party. Brad admitted that it had been uncomfortable for him being there, then implied that Victoria’s attracted to him. Vicki — coyly — denied this, but was obviously flirting, and went to get them some drinks. “Now that you’re a member of Genoa City’s most exclusive club, you’ve got to undergo the initiation,” she stated. “What does it involve?” asked an intrigued Carlton, “A password, a secret handshake?” “And now the password,” Victoria cooed. She went on to explain how she needed “a little excitement” in her life. Brad leaned in closer to hear what she had to say … and they kissed.

At home, Sharon and Nick debated over work. She thought him being Noah’s assistant coach would be too time-consuming if he decides to return to Newman; meanwhile, he thought she’s becoming too obsessed with the company. Sharon reminded Nick how important Newman Enterprises had been to him; Nick argued that if he hadn’t spent so much time at work, he could’ve spent more time with Cassie. Sharon asked if she could show him some of her ideas for Seasons, but Nick didn’t “feel like looking at marketing strategies an hour before [they] go to bed.” (Why not — it might help you sleep.) Sharon wished things could go back to the way they were, and that Nick would come back. “What if I say I’m happy with the way things are?” Nick wondered. Sharon stated that she’d support him, but Nick believed she thought he was crazy for leaving the company. “You’re going to have to accept me for who I am right now,” he told her, then went out for a walk.

Nick ended up at a bar, where he ran into Jack. Jack informed Nick about Brad having Newman shares, and warned Nick to keep an eye on Carlton.

Lauren and Michael (dressed in a bright-prink shirt, wow) dined together at the GCAC. Soon, John and Gloria arrived, but sat at a separate table. Lauren suggested Mike make a peace offering, but Michael declined, stating that Tom would soon be out of their lives. Lauren feared that Michael was doing something to bring down Tom. He replied that he’s consumed with the idea that Tom could hurt another person he cares about. “The thought of Tom or any other person causing you one iota of pain … I want to protect you,” he explained. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, too,” Lauren replied.

Tom told Brenda (really Sheila) that he’s interested in her because she’s mysterious. He wondered what she’s really in town for, and why she’s reading up on poisons (uh-oh). “You know what they say about curiosity and the cat,” Sheila purred, but this didn’t deter him from asking questions (“Are you a bank robber? Serial killer?”). Tom couldn’t stick around to hear the answers, though, because he had to meet a “hot date.” Sheila agreed to let him have the hotel room to himself later on. After, she prepared to put on her “Jennifer” disguise.

Ashley and Tom arrived at the GCAC for dinner. Lauren urged Michael to stay calm. Meantime, “Jennifer” went to the club so she could do some spying…. Ash asked Tom if he’d used her to get the goods on Gloria. He admitted that he had at first, but is now genuinely attracted to Ashley. Tom was still suspicious that she didn’t trust him, but he insisted that he’s changed…. Gina gave Jennifer her check, and told the “waitress” they had some things to discuss…. A shocked John noticed his daughter dining with Tom, and got up to confront Fisher. Michael and Lauren joined them, and Mike blurted out that Tom had threatened Lauren. John then punched Tom … right in the face (Go, Johnny!). Sheila looked on from the bar, amused. After, Ash walked a bruised Tom home, and he invited her in.

Neil went to visit Yolanda. Beforehand, he chatted with the doctor, who informed Neil that Yolanda had threatened to leave the program. After, Yolanda admitted to Neil that she isn’t sure how much more she can take. Neil advised her to focus on why she’s there, namely for herself and for Devon.

Mac and J.T. sat on the Chancellor lawn in front of J.T.’s teeny, tiny, pup tent (You think they’d have a spare pool house there, or a shed, or something). Mac commended J.T. for always wanting to help people. They declared their love for one another, and kissed. J.T. then led Mac into his tent.

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