What Actors Are Doing At Home: Courtney Hope (Sally, B&B)

My Daily Routine Consists Of: “Doing something spiritual and fitness-wise, spending time with the dogs and doing something for my career. I’ll work on a script for an hour or two. The end of the day is Chad [Duell, Michael, GH] and I watching a movie or doing a puzzle or playing a game. We have to-do list magnets on our fridge and every day, we write down things we want or need to do that day, and when we take them off, it makes us feel like we’re actually doing something.”

I’m Keeping In Shape By: “At-home workouts. We’ve also been running and taking walks with the dogs. I’ve been doing a lot more yoga, and I’ve been mixing it up with fitness apps or with my Pilates machine so it doesn’t feel like I’m doing the same workout every day.”

The Show I Binged And Loved: “THE BOLD TYPE. I’m obsessed with that show. We’re also binge-watching THE OFFICE, and next I’m going to start ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO.”

Most Productive Thing I’ve Done While At Home: “I painted our workout room and finally got our self-tape/recording/fitness studio set up. We moved the couch out. I painted the room. We got all our lights set up, and now we’re taking that renovation into every room and getting rid of things that we just don’t use.”

Most Surprising Thing I’ve Found In My Pantry: “We knew it was there but we never ate it — macaroni and cheese. We finished all of the macaroni and cheese that had been [there]. We really loved it and when we finished it all, we went back and bought more.”

The Gadget I’ve Most Relied On: “My Leica camera. I’ve been doing videos for B&B and some self-tapes and some of my own fitness videos, and now I’ve used that camera the amount I would have liked to have used it for the past year.”

App I Most Recently Downloaded: “MyPlate. We’re logging the things we’ve been eating so we can make sure we’re not overeating.”

The Person I’m Most Excited To Hug Post- Quarantine: “My dad. I’ve seen my mother and brother. But I’ve only seen my dad through FaceTime. I want to hug him so bad.”

Right Now, I’m Most Grateful For: “Being able to spend quality time with our dogs. That makes me really happy. Chad and I think of them as our kids, so it’s been fun to enjoy time with them.”

When I Feel Anxious, I…: “Write. I love writing out the way I’m feeling because even if I don’t exactly know what I’m feeling, by writing it comes out, which gets it off my chest and out of my mind. The other thing I do is put on some meditation music and either stretch or just be still and let my body relax.”

My Message To The Fans In These Uncertain Times: “Take care of your health and wellness because if you’re not healthy and well, you can’t take care of your loved ones. Because of the virus, not only is our physical health challenged, but so is our mental and emotional state. We’re all dealing with change and whatever you need to heal or nourish for you is what’s most important.”