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Three Ways To Keep Y&R’s Jordan -- And Colleen Zenk -- Around

colleen zenk as aunt jordan on young and the restless.

Howard Wise/

There’s no doubt about it, Young and Restless fans love to hate the insidiously cunning and murderous Aunt Jordan, played to perfection by Colleen Zenk. The soap is listening, which is why the character has had more return engagements than Cher. Every time it seems that Jordan is down for the count, the Y&R writers come up with clever ways for her to extend her reign of terror. While Genoa City has heaved a collective sigh of relief because Victor’s claim that she died after falling off a bridge is considered gospel, Jordan is still alive. She is being held captive in a jail cell in the basement of the Newman ranch, courtesy of a certain megalomaniac who fancies playing God (yep, we’re looking at you, Vic) and believes he can contain this threat.

This isn’t Mr. Newman’s first dysfunctional rodeo. Long-time Y&R viewers well remember when, in 1981, a jealous Victor stashed Michael, the hunky photographer, who was bedding Julia, AKA Mrs. Victor Newman, behind bars in the very same basement (sure, the original ranch house burned down but that basement remained intact). Victor proceeded to torture his hostage until Julia freed her lover after which, regretting his actions, he allowed the sinners to leave town together.

Fast forward to now, where there is some justice and even enjoyment in watching Jordan squirm while her jailer gleefully taunts what the future holds. Why no one in the family never noticed a psychopath behind bars when they headed down to the cellar for a bottle of wine is beyond us, but for now, we’re anxiously waiting to find out just what fate Victor is planning for Jordan. We’re asking for a friend, but should we feel bad that we want to see Auntie break out to cause some more delicious havoc? True, this warped woman is a serial killer and deserves a fitting end to her sick saga, meaning, even soap redemption seems like a hard pass, but leave it to us to conjure up some more deviant drama to extend Jordan’s last hurrah.

Getting Sprung

This can be downright tricky but when you look back at how slippery Jordan has been, obtaining her freedom is not so farfetched. First, let’s consider the possibility that Victor’s inhospitable treatment of Jordan may actually evoke — gulp — sympathy within the audience. That being said, when Victor inevitably confides in Michael Baldwin about what he has done, the legal eagle will likely inform his boss that what he’s done, even to someone as deserving as Jordan, is highly illegal and could land Victor in prison. What will be Michael’s advice? We imagine he will suggest that they move Jordan to a secure location out of the country, where she can still live out her wretched days in captivity. But we suspect that when arrangements are made — during the actual transfer — Jordan will make like a hockey player and get the puck out of there.

Another way out: Jordan’s existence becomes public and while Victor manages to cover up his part in her staged death, a judge remands Jordan to a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. There, Jordan meets her new roommate: Patty Williams, who was responsible for her own run of destruction. Since Patty also has a score to settle with Victor, these two cuckoos huddle to find a way out. This could last a while with wonderfully delicious scenes of their plotting. And, when needed, an elaborate escape plan can be formed but during its execution, Jordan throws her cohort under the bus by leaving Patty behind (so much for honor among terrorizers).

Option Three: Just imagine if Claire recalls as a little girl, her great aunt grousing about another sister, other than Eve, whom she’s also estranged from. Assuming that insanity runs in the family, Nikki, Cole and Victoria advise Claire not to dwell on the past and instead focus on a brighter future. Victor, however, doesn’t like the possibility that another twisted sister could come out of the woodwork to also prey on his family. After his magical security team tracks down this sibling, Victor shows up at her front door and is stunned when this woman looks like a carbon copy of Jordan. Obviously, they’re twins but this one is the polar opposite of her psycho sister; a lovely, caring and compassionate human being who long ago distanced herself from the craziness of her siblings. Victor takes her home to meet Claire, who has a tough time trusting and accepting this woman but she turns out to be the real deal and fits nicely into the Genoa City landscape — which means portrayer Colleen Zenk can stay!

Do you have a better idea of how she can stay? Let us know in the comments section below.