Tuesday Fast Five With Joshua Morrow

What’s the longest book you’ve read and was it worth it?The Lord of the Rings book series took a long time for me to get through and it was very worth it.”

What was the best birthday you ever had? “My 28th birthday because my wife told me we were having our first child. It was the first step of my amazing journey of being a dad.”

What’s your take on clowns? “Creepy. I’m not as terrified of them the way a lot of people seem to be, but it’s a bizarre craft to get into. I don’t fault them because it’s a form of acting and the world needs as much entertainment as possible.”

What is the prefect sandwich? “Anytime anyone asks me what my favorite meal is, the answer is always a sandwich. For me, it’s grilled cheese on sourdough with tomato soup. When I’m starving, I can put down four of those sandwiches.”

What’s you favorite season? “Spring because it’s the beginning of baseball and it’s not super-hot yet.”